Orange County Is Burning!


Wer im Besitz der letzten Printausgabe ist, der kann sicherlich etwas mit der Headline anfangen. Denn mit dem Interview von WARGASMS wurde eine Tuer zu voellig unbekannten Bands aus Huntington Beach und Umgebung aufgestossen, die ich unbedingt unter dem Titel „The Next Wave Has Arrived“ dem geschaetzten Leser unseres kleinen Punkrock-Onlinedienstes naeher bringen moechte. Das Interview mit WARGASMS wird in Kuerze auch als Online-Version erhaeltlich sein. Jetzt aber zu Damaged Goods, dessen Bassist Nick Damaged den Hauptteil des Interview beantwortete. PS: Bei der Fertigstellung bzw. Durchsicht hoerte ich uebrigens nach langer Zeit mal wieder die CD von D.I. „Live At A Dive“……


How long exist the band now? Please give us German readers a detail band history. Do you have played in any bands before?

We’ve been together for about 2 and a half years. Greg was in the Undefeated, the Diseases & some other bands. Travisty was in the Diseases, West Coast Riffs, Rowdy Yates & Doll. This is Dover’s first band. Nick played in West Coast Riffs, the Gnuts, & Rubber Love.


Where is the band based? 

Santa Barbara, CA


Could you please introduce the members of DAMAGED GOODS with some personal detail words to our readers? I’m sure, none of our readers know them pretty well.

Greg America: Vox, no.

Dover: I play guitar and like German chocolate cake.

Travisty: Hi, I’m Travis. I work hard, then I drink beer & play drums.

Nick Damaged: I play bass and book shows.


Where/how often did you practice? Did you share the rehearsal room with any other band?

We practice twice a week. We used to share our studio with our friends band, the Deveros, but they moved out, due to money problems. So now we have our own studio. 


At the time, I only knew a one minute part of the song "Wish" for the Collateral Damage Sampler on "Hostage Records". What could we expect in the near future? I heard from Rick, that you are putting out your first 7"inch very soon. Is that right? And, do you know, when we could finally expect the arrive of the Collateral Damage Sampler? Can’t wait to hear the complete song.

Our 7”, plus some other releases with more shows soon. We’re going in to record some new stuff shortly. Yes, Hostage Records is putting out our debut 7” after the compilation comes out. Collateral Damage is being out right now.


Do you know, if a Gig-Party is in the pipeline for the Sampler-Release?

As of right now, we haven’t heard of a release show, but hopefully there is one. It would be great to be able to play with all those bands. We’ve already played with a lot of them and we had a blast.


How do you get in contact with Rick Bain?

Julia Smut from the Smut Peddlers gave our demo to Rick. We didn’t even know she did until we got an eMail from him asking us to be on the comp. We are so thankful to Rick for putting us out, as well as to Julia for passing on our demo.  


What was the greatest show the band has played so far and what made it so good?

5/8/04 at the Anarchy Library, with the Smut Peddlers, the Tramps, Blood Soaked Hands, & S.T.D.’s. The show was a lot of fun. We went on right before Smut Peddlers, so by that time, the club had met capacity. Everybody was really getting into it and we got a great response after wards. We just would have liked to have had more merchandise to sell or give out.


How many songs do you have in your programme?

20 or so.


Are you a part of a special scene in your town or do you stand alone?

No, people here don’t really get our music, due to fact that it’s a preppy college town, they all listen to what their told to by the radio and MTV.


Being in your teenage years, how do you view the older people, like over forty, in the punk scene?

Well we’re not teens, we’re old. But we think it’s great seeing older punks at shows and we appreciate them as well as the younger ones. Greg always says to just be who you are and not to worry about what others think about you.


If you could go on the road with one of your fave bands, who would it be?

Greg: the original Beatles, the Archies.

Dover: Circle Jerks, Sex Pistols.

Travisty: Broken Bottles, US Bombs.

Nick Damaged: Street Dogs, Smut Peddlers.


Please give me one or two questions to ask the next band I interview.

What did you think of the Damaged Goods 7”? Would you play a show with Damaged Goods?


What are your day jobs?

Greg: HVAC.

Dover: Surfer/ Shaper.

Travisty: Insurance Fuck.

Nick Damaged: Firefighter.


Are there any particular things you would like to achieve with your band?

To get to tour Europe with some other bands, and get sponsored by Papst.


Do you go out a lot to see bands? What your fave venue in town? What about the local scene? What’s your opinion?

Yes, every chance we get. We go to support our friends and have a good time. Our favorite venue would have to be Art’s Bar, we always have shows there, we’ve gotten a lot of bands to come up and play there with us. The scene is inadequate, and quit pathetic. Every once in a while there’s a show worth going to.


First record you ever bought yourselves?

Greg: Ejaculation Nation.

Dover: David Bowie “Diamond Dogs”.

Travisty: Black Flag.

Nick Damaged: The Clash “Combat Rock”.


Exist a story behind your bandname? Do you know, that an englisch punk rock label have also the same name?

Everyone harbors their demons and we all must exist with them, and we’re all Damaged Goods. Yes, we’ve heard of that label, but just recently found out about it.


Who is the creative force behind the band?

We all contribute to our songs in one way or another. It’s a group effort when it comes to writing our songs.


What do you prefer CD or Vinyl? And why?

Vinyl! Because non-punks don’t have record players and it’s tougher to burn/steal the songs.


What’s your favourite piece of equipment?

Greg: Bacon.

Dover: Surfboard.

Travisty: Myself.

Nick Damaged: Record player.


What is some of the musical stuff you’re influenced by? Some of the stuff that made you write?

Too many influences to list, but general life around us makes us write.


How is life in your street where you live?

Greg: Quite, thanks to guns and two German Shepard’s.

Dover: Next to a liquor store and loving it.

Travisty: On the beach, it’s great.

Nick Damaged: In the Ghetto.


For being a relatively young band, you guys seem to take your influences from older styles of punk rock. How did you get into this kind of music? Were there any people in your lives who made you "see the light" of punk rock, and what bands got it all started for you?

Greg: the Ramones at 19.

Dover: At an Aggression back yard party show.

Travisty: Grew up with rednecks, jocks, and rich kids. Punk rock was the saving grace.

Nick Damaged: Older friends showed me some of their records, the Clash started it all.


Did your parents support you in any way to be in a band or to play a instrument?

Yes, but some hate it as well. 


What is the most important "pre-show rituals" that your band always performs?

Greg and Travisty both take Imodium AD, so they don’t have to shit in the club bathroom.

Dover: Drinks a lot

Nick Damaged: Tells Dover not to get wasted, so that he’ll remember the songs.


What do you know about Germany?

Good punk scene, and you kicked Frances ass twice, you rule.


Everyone is going to Jerry Adamo for recording. Could you discribe in three words Jerry?

Quite, Genius, AGOD.


What is your favorite band story to tell?

After we finished recording our demo, we all came back to my house (Nick) and continued drinking for hours. After a while we all kind of passed out in one place or another. Well all of the sudden I wake up to some loud noises, so I get up to see what the hell is going on, only to find Greg half naked sleepwalking looking for a place to piss. I try to get him to the bathroom, then outside, but nothing, he’s so asleep & drunk that he can’t figure out how to open any doors. Then he gets away from me and proceeds to take a piss in my kitchen sink. When he’s finally done he takes off his clothes, grabs a pillow to cover himself, and as he’s mumbling incoherently, he then goes to my bedroom and falls back asleep in my bed, naked. In the morning he comes out wearing my boxers, wondering how and why he was in my room. We told him what happened, and he just laughed, then he tried to give me back my boxers, I gladly said that he could have them.


What question would you like to be asked in interviews, but you are never asked? And what is your answer?

Can I buy you a Papst?  Of course you can.


Which bands do you like at the moment?

Smut Peddlers, Broken Bottles, the Briefs, the Pegs, US Bombs, Street Dogs.


What could be your destiny?

Anything, but we’ll keep playing until we’re old, dead men.


Do you read fanzines? What are your fave ones?

Yes, when can get our hands on them. Skratch, Hustler, Barely Legal.


What is your opinion about making money by playing punk?

What money? Making money is fine, but we’re not here to make money.  We’re here to play music because we have fun doing it and some people seem to enjoy what we are doing. Money is Overrated.


As a younger person of the punk rock generation, what would you like to tell a old reunion punk band, who is coming again on the scene?

Can we open for you guys?


Could you tell us, for example two or three of your fave tunes and lyrics you wrote.

 “Wish“, it’s about what we can’t have, but would like to. “Words”, It’s an anti-hate song. 


What’s next for the band?

Hopefully tour Europe sometime in the future. The release of our 7” on Hostage, as many shows as work allows, and some other recordings.


What else should I ask you guys?

Can I crash at your house when I come to Santa Barbara? Yes, you can stay here at Casa de la Damaged.


Any closing comments?

Thanx for your time, Germany rules.  Come to our show and buy us some beers. Cheers.


Interview: Ralf Real Shock ( August 2004 )

Photo: Rick Bain