"Will there be a world in 2020? Sometimes I think the end is coming soon. Too many crazy people running countries."

KEVIN K gehoert seit den Anfaengen vom 3RD zum Inventar. Zwei Mal war er bisher im 3RD vertreten, einmal in einer der ersten Ausgaben mit den ROAD VULTURES und in der No. 10 dann mit einer Titel-Story. Nicht zu vergessen die unzaehligen CDs, die ich im Laufe der Jahre zugeschickt bekommen habe und fein alle besprochen wurden. Und dann waren da natuerlich noch die Live-Auftritte im „AK 47“ in Duesseldorf, als er einmal mit Ricky Rat und Toni Romeo von den TRASH BRATS und einmal mit Chris und Andy von den HOLLYWOOD TEASE auftrat. Von beiden Auftritten gibt es noch jede Menge an Fotomaterial, das ich hoffentlich auch irgendwann mal ins „pUnK rOcK – Album" stellen werde.
Dank geht an Josh von „Full Break Kicks“, der das Interview ermoeglicht hat. Hier nun als kurze Auffrischung ein kleines Interview, was besonders fuer Leute gedacht ist, die bisher mit Kevin noch nicht in Beruehrung gekommen sind.

RALF REAL SHOCK ( Donnerstag, 27. April 2006 )


Give the readers some idea of the climate the band was born in and how that influenced the music. Where is the band based?
Kevin: Well the Kevin K Band was born in New York City in 1996. Our first show was at CBGBs. The band is based nowhere. I have players in NYC, France, Germany and Los Angeles.

What is the story behind your band name?
Kevin: After the Road Vultures I wanted to start traveling by myself and using as many different musicians as possible. Kind of like the way Chuck Berry or Johnny Thunders used to work.

Have you have played in any bands before?
Kevin: Road Vultures, Lone Cowboys and New Toys.

So, what are your day jobs?
Kevin: No day job. The last time I had a job was 1989 in NYC. I worked at a record store called “Sounds”.

First record you ever bought? What did you grow up listening to?
Kevin: First record was Rolling Stones “Jumping Jack Flash” single. And Beatles, Stones, Hendrix, and a lot of 1960s bands I grew up listing to.

Please give me one or two questions to ask the next band I interview and then answer them yourself as well.
Kevin: Will there be a world in 2020? Sometimes I think the end is coming soon. Too many crazy people running countries.

What’s the biggest obstacle to the band right now you have to overcome?
Kevin: Getting older.

Where and how often do you practice? Do you share the rehearsal room with any other band?
Kevin: No practice, no rehearsal studio. When I get a tour, I send CDs with the songs to the band members. The day before the tour we run thru the set once and that's it. I like keeping everything fresh!

Name one famous non-punk person you would consider "punk" and explain why you believe they deserve this distinction.
Kevin: Howard Stern the radio show host because he does whatever he wants.

Which record could I find in your CD player or at your turntable right now?
Kevin: A burned CD copy of a Ramones best of. On the turntable, an LP from 1972 by a band called Five Dollar Shoes.

What is your favourite word that you use very often for writing songs? Any explanation?
Kevin: I use the word “you” a lot, as it’s the easiest word to rhyme.

What is the thing most American people have quarrels angst?
Kevin: Politics.

Do you have any favourite bands to play with? Anybody who shares the same sort of musical ideas? What kind of bands or people do you hang out with?
Kevin: Well, The Trash Brats were always fun.

Do you go out a lot to see bands? What’s your favourite venue in town?
Kevin: I only go see friend’s bands or blues shows.

Do you read fanzines? What are your favourite ones?
Kevin: 3rd Generation Nation!

Please describe the best local eccentrics – the unique and interesting people in your town.
Kevin: Only me!

Everyone in the punk scene is on MySpace it seems. Why you too?
Kevin: To meet girls – really what else is there?

How would you characterize the different styles in the band?
Kevin: Punk mixed with power pop.

If you ever get the chance to play on a tribute sampler, which band would you choose if it was up to you?
Kevin: Ramones.

In general, what do you see wrong with the punk scene today?
Kevin: Too many bands that are unfocused in there song writing. So many just play loud and fast but have no songs, no catchy choruses, no melodies.

How was your last tour?
Kevin: Great!

How did you get in contact with Josh and Full Breach Kicks? How is that working for you?
Kevin: Great, because we’re both brilliant people and share a common knowledge and understanding of songs and the music business. I think.

How’s the new album doing?
Kevin: I don't know yet because it comes out on April 11th. March I played a few shows out in Los Angeles and had the chance to visit Dee Dee Ramone’s and Johnny Ramone’s final resting spots in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. That was nice for me.

Anything you would like to add?
Kevin: Oh, I love Germany! Best wishes to you all....