22. Dezember 2005
Bei Mike Peters von
the ALARM wurde am 08. Dezember Krebs diagnostiziert. Die gute Nachricht ist, das er behandelt werden kann. Am 22. Dezember beginnt Mike mit seiner Chemotherapie.
Mike: “I
aim to keep you as informed as possible. I'll be running a detailed diary on the Alarm website and keep you posted with regular updates. I will still be able to make music and perform concerts (although I think it's safe to say I won't be travelling abroad until I have got this thing under control and there may be two bald guys in the band come January!!!!!!). I will be trying to live my life as normally as possible and I have to say that I feel incredibly positive about the future.”
Luck Mike!

22. Dezember 2005
STEVE JONES joined GLEN MATLOCK and the Philistines on stage at the Knitting Factory, Los Angeles, while the Philistines are on tour in the states. Steve played on “White Knuckle Ride”, “Pretty Vacant” and “God Save The Queen”.

22. Dezember 2005
Am 16. Januar 2006 erscheint auf “Detour Records” das Album der Band TWO TONE PINKS mit dem Titel “Battered And Bruised“. Hier einige Infos zu dieser Release: „Taking their influences from bands such as The Buzzcocks, The Sex Pistols, The Jam, The Who and lots of Ska and Mod style music from the 60’s, the band played their first gig in support of 2-Tone heroes ‘The Selecter’ in August 1979. They soon established a reputation as a great live act, and gigged around the UK with the likes of The UK Subs, The Vapors, The Ruts, Salford Jets, The Killermeters, The Circles, Run229, and Fast Cars. Even though the band were going down a storm on the live circuit, they had trouble getting anyone to release their music on vinyl, so put out a cassette EP featuring some demos. Replying to an advert in ‘Sounds’ magazine, the band found themselves appearing on the now very rare and collectable ‘A Sudden Surge of Sound’ compilation LP with their song ‘Don’t Lecture Me’. Following this the band split in 1980 after a few arguments within the group, leaving behind nothing but the cassette EP and the compilation appearance. Until now, that is, as Detour Records have tracked them down, and got all of their recorded material (14 tracks, 13 of which are previously unreleased) and have lovingly put it together, with help from the band on this wonderful CD.”

09. Dezember 2005
Die STREET BRATS aus Chicago hatten Glueck im Unglueck und kamen relativ glimpflich bei einem Unfall waehrend ihrer letzten US-Tour davon. Ihr Tourbus geriet auf einer Eisflaeche ins Schleudern und nur die Leitplanke rettete ihnen das Leben, denn sonst waeren sie eine 60 Meter tiefe Klippe runtergestuerzt. Die Bandmitglieder kamen mit leichten Verletzungen davon und nehmen sich nun erstmal eine kurze Auszeit von der Band.

09. Dezember 2005
The legendary punk venue CBGB is set to close its doors for the final time on Halloween 2006. The legendary New York music venue announced the agreement with its landlord on December 7. The deal with the Bowery Residents Committee (BRC), who own a 45-year lease on the property at 315 Bowery, seemed impossible following the expiration of the previous lease on August 31. However, Mayor Michael Bloomberg's office interceded and helped reach an agreement which avoided a potentially bitter court battle. According to Billboard, CBGB proprietor Hilly Kristal said: "It's been little stipulations, back and forth - we agreed, we didn't agree. We finally got to a point where we agreed with each other."
Muzzy Rosenblatt, BRC executive said that the agreement would let his homeless advocacy group "concentrate on helping the needy and homeless of New York City".
A non-profit organisation, the BRC houses 250 people above the famous club and CBGB is its only commercial tenant. CBGB lease with the group expired at midnight on August 31 and the BRC announced that it wanted the club out after a five-year fight. Kristal - who opened the venue in December 1973 - was served with an eviction notice a week later and the two sides went to court. The rent of the club has now been raised to $35,000 following the new agreement, compared with the old deal's $19,000. Kristal must now leave the venue by October 31, but the proprietor has revealed that he is already looking for a new venue. Other sites in lower Manhattan are being visited by Kristal with a view to reopen CBGB once the new deal expires, and a month of closing celebrations are expected at the old space. Kristal has also revealed that he is considering opening a branch in Las Vegas and is unconcerned about creating the ambience of the original CBGB. "Things are different all the time - look at the 70s, the 80s, the 90s," he said. "The most important thing is we're keeping the integrity of CBGB. It won't be exactly the same, but it will have the same ingredients."

01. Dezember 2005
Here is another JOE STRUMMER TRIBUTE in Aberdeen.


01. Dezember 2005
PISTOLS EXPERIENCE have arranged an event to commemorate the 30yr punk celebrations during 2006, the 'Sex Pistols Experience' are at the 100 Club, Oxford st, London, Thursday 6th April 06. It should be a great night, as its been thirty years since a full set of pistols live music has been played down there since the 100 club punk festival in 1976! Support comes from Eddie Tudor Pole. Also a few shows are in the pipeline for Germany at the end of march 2006.

01. Dezember 2005
Original punk rocker Bob De Vris lead singer with York band CYANIDE passed away last Thursday of natural causes. The band released three singles and one album in the early days of punk and toured and played with most of the big names. There album was re-released on Captain Oi! in 2000.

01. Dezember 2005
Anfang Februar 2006 kommen die
AVENGERS auf Deutschland-Tour. Yep, richtig gelesen! Und Anfang Maerz 2006 endlich die BLACK HALOS! Die genauen Tourdaten gibt es jetzt unter "Termine".

24. November 2005
Following the great success of the last year, “The Italian Tribute To JOE STRUMMERreturns with the same characteristic of benefit concert, with more bands and more Clash’s song to play. The tribute takes place again in Bologna – at the “Estragon Club”, Saturday 17. December 2005 – the town in which The Clash had their first Italian concert on June 1st 1980. Very special guest at the tribute is Mescalero Pablo Cook. The proceeds will be donated to Strummerville.


24. November 2005
The BOMBSHELL ROCKS signed to “Household Name Records”. A new full-length album titled “The Conclusionis out in the UK on Monday, February 6th 2006.

24. November 2005
The SMUT PEDDLERS are currently putting the finishing touches on their upcoming live DVD/CD project for “TKO Records”. Tentatively titled "That's Amore: Live At Di Piazza's" the DVD features a three camera shoot of a PEDDLERS set at Di Piazza's in Long Beach, CA from earlier this year. Audio for the DVD is in 5.1 Dolby surround sound and will include audio commentary from the band. Included with the DVD will be a live album CD from the same show. This release will be available in early 2006.

11. November 2005
The London based SONIC BOOM BOYS will reform on Sunday 27. November 2005 at the “Barfly Cub” for a very special night, “the Geoff Starr Memorial”, since their last gig in March 2002. The band will play with 3 different line-ups featuring their start members in 1997 Graham, Cosmic and Jet, then the band's debut album "Generation 3" time in 1999 with Luca and Jet, to their last UK tour members for the support of Toilet Boys from New York in 2002 with Sasu from No Direction, Aku and Jet. With the guest musicians include Charlie Harper from UK Subs and Danny McCormack from The Yo-Yo's/The Wildhearts. The venue was the last London gig that the band played. Singer Geoff Starr passed away in July 2005. He was only 32 years old.

11. November 2005
A trailer and a number of showings have been announced for a NEW YORK DOLL, the documentary about Arthur "Killer" Kane of the New York Dolls. The film tells the story of the charismatic bassist from his times with the influential proto-punk act through to his conversion to Mormonism and job at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saint’s Family History Center library.
The Dolls, who split up in 1975 reunited in 2004 at the urging of Morrissey have since signed to Roadrunner and working now for a new studio alblm, which will be released in 2006. Kane however did not survive to see the reinvigorated act, having passed away from leukemia in July of 2004.
See the trailer: http://www.onepotatoproductions.com/br.html

11. November 2005
The first official TRASHCAN DARLINGS DVD "10 Years Of Trash" will be released for the 10 year anniversary gig at the 10th of December 2005. A short tour of Germany, 3 gigs, is booked for mid February next year!

11. November 2005
It's never a dull moment with former Sex Pistols frontman JOHNNY ROTTEN, but this might be the most shocking revelation to come from Rotten yet: He wants Justin Timberlake to play him in an upcoming biopic. U.K. website Playlouder.com reports, "I want Jason [sic] Timberlake to do it," the erstwhile Pistol said. "I know it sounds odd and the market he comes from is screaming teen girls, but he's just the kind of bloke who would really, really make an effort. He'd be a workhorse about it." Rotten claims that his people are in talks with Timberlake to take the title role in the movie based on Johnny's autobiography, Rotten: No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs.

11. November 2005
GREEN DAY have revealed that they will be 'taking their time' writing the follow-up to the hugely successful 'American Idiot'. The band are also still looking at a full length movie version of their seventh LP, and have said that they will not be rushing into making the follow-up.
"We're gonna take our time," singer Billie Joe Armstrong said. "We'll probably start writing after the first of the year and then just regroup. We've gotta take our time - this year was such a big year for us. I think it's a good time to regroup and have good substance to write about instead of hopping into something really fast."
Despite talks of an 'American Idiot' film, the band say that they are unlikely to be appearing in the flick themselves.
"We're gonna make a movie going along the story of 'American Idiot'," drummer Tre Cool told Xfm. "A rock opera. We need to go home, put some thought into it, talk to directors and writers and get the script together, stuff like that. I don't think that I'm going to have to (be in the film), because we're making the movie and I wouldn't do that to myself."
Armstrong added: "I'm not an actor at all. I'd rather be behind the writing and the production, and leave the acting to the actors."
Bassist Mike Dirnt has also explained how Green Day dealt with the initial criticism after breaking out of the Californian underground scene to a worldwide fanbase.
He said: "We were so busy concentrating on living our lives and touring and working and growing into who we are as a band. You've gotta put the blinders on sometimes and go forward and say 'To hell with what anyone says'. You've just got to move forward and I think, at the end of the day, I'm glad we're here."
Green Day's new single 'Jesus Of Suburbia' is set to be released Monday (November 14 2005).

11. November 2005
Jungle Records have put together a 3-disc set from JOHNNY THUNDERS & THE HEARTBREAKERS called “Down To Kill” (Release Date: 07. November 2005). It made up from all previously unreleased Heartbreakers material! The set features one disc of studio recordings including newly found 1976 sessions and a track with The Ramones; another disc of a classic 1977 gig now remixed and complete; and a DVD of 50 minutes of unseen footage from various venues.
DISC 1 leads with a newly discovered demo session recorded in Staten Island NY in 1976 - before they came to London for the Sex Pistols' 'Anarchy Tour' - and freshly mixed in 2005. You can hear the early workouts of tracks mostly later heard on the 'L.A.M.F.' album and the only studio version of 'Take A Chance On Me'. Then there's another unheard song 'Flight' from the 1975 demo session with Richard Hell on bass. Walter Lure played many sessions with The Ramones; here he takes lead vocals with the Ramones on 'Street Fighting Man', on a day when Joey didn't turn up. The CD is completed with four tracks from two other studio sessions in 1977 & 1978.
DISC 2 has the legendary Speakeasy tapes from 1977 with Johnny abusing the audience remixed in 2005. They're now in unexpurgated glory and clarity with all 15 tracks together for the first time.
DISC 3. This DVD has 50 minutes of unseen film footage. Five tracks are live at the Lyceum which didn't fit on the 'DEAD OR ALIVE' video, four acoustic tracks are live in Greenhouse Studio, and six tracks live at The Marquee in August 1984, all with back-stage scenes from the venues. The DVD also has four separate 'extras' sections:- the Lyceum soundcheck; a glimpse of Johnny's TV and tabloid troubles in Sweden; a clip from a French film; and a video-clip for 'Get Off The Phone'. Worth the price of the whole package alone!
The package comes with 24 pages of booklets including an interview with Walter Lure by Nina Antonia, Kris Needs' original 1982 'DTK' sleeve-notes, some Swedish newspaper tabloid frenzy in 1982, and of course lots of contemporary photos.


11. November 2005
Jesse Malin has just signed on to new recording label “Adeline Records”. Jesse will begin recording his new CD very soon. Jesse Malin was joined by fellow rockers Sylvain Sylvain (NY Dolls), Mike Ness (Social D), Joan Jett and Steve Conte (NY Dolls) at a Social Distortion gig at NYC's Atari Center.

v.l.n.r.: Sylvain Sylvain, Mike Ness, Joan Jett, Jesse Malin and Steve Conte (NY Dolls).

04. November 2005
“SID VICIOUS: Final 24”, the forthcoming documentary, will be transmitted by Sky 1 next February in the U.K. Already interviewed for the film are the following: Malcolm McLaren, Glen Matlock, Alan Jones, John 'Boogie' Tiberi, Steve 'Roadent' Connolly, Simone Stenfers, Peter Kodak, Eileen Polk, Alan Parker, James Merberg (Sid's Lawyer), Steve Teach (Sid's therapist at Bellvue), DC Howman (first on scene at Bank Street). A subsequent DVD release is a possibility.

04. November 2005
Wie schon berichtet, wird das naechste US BOMBS-Album in Nordamerika bei „Thorp Records erscheinen“, um den Europa-Release werden sich aber „People Like You“ kuemmern, die damit eine weitere Band unter Vertrag genommen haben. Der Titel der Platte ist momentan noch nicht bekannt, erscheinen soll sie aber im Maerz 2006. Neuer Bassist bei den US BOMBS ist uebrigens der ONE MAN ARMY-Mann Jack Dalrymple.

21. Oktober 2005
nearly 9 years of fighting the war against mediocrity THE PITS from Sunderland have split up. Just for the latest record New Conspiracies”, there was no massive falling outs, punch ups etc. The majority just got a bit sick of being in The Pits and fancied doing something different. The music has been slowly changing into something different anyway so it seems to make sense to stop now and start something new.

21. Oktober 2005
Out 05. Dezember 2005 on “Overground Records”,
is a DISRUPTERS 23-track compilation called “Gas The Punx”, including 7 amazing unreleased tracks. 21. November sees a much requested and long overdue repressing of THE JERKS “Jerk Off” CD. 15 studio tracks, it's been out of print for ages and the repressing has improved artwork.
Volume 3 in the anarcho series “Anti-Society” is almost complete and is coming out in early January 2006.

21. Oktober 2005
“Hostage Records” on
the radio! Hostage has infiltrated the underground radio. Go to maximumrocknroll.com click on mmr radio then click on show #886 to hear a “hostage Block with D-Cup, the Pegs, the Indigents, the Drips and the Fakes. The shows are archived for you to hear for yourself.

21. Oktober 2005
DISTRICT sind jetzt 2ND DISTRICT! Der 1000. Wechsel in dieser Band, scheinbar bleibt in Bochum nie allzulange was zusammen. Jetzt gibt es einen neuen Bandnamen. Mitglieder sind weiterhin Marc Ader (Voc.), dazugekommen Flo und Tobbe von den Ex- REVOLVERS und ein weiterer Flo. Naechster Auftritt zusammen mit THE VAGEENAS am 23.12.05 in Troisdorf.

21. Oktober 2005
Kike Turmix, Saenger der PLEASURE FUCKERS, Boss von „Safety Pin Records“ und spanische Szene-Ikone ist letztes Wochenende an den Folgen seiner Leberkrebs-Erkrankung gestorben.

21. Oktober 2005
Kurz nach ihrem letzten Europa Urlaub haben sich the BRIEFS zusammen mit long time Produzent und Kumpel Johnny "Fingers" Sangster ins Avast Studio in Seattle begeben, um 12 neue, vom Tourleben beeinflusste Songs im typischen Briefs-Sound einzuspielen. „Steel Yer Heart“ ist der Soundtrack einer Band, deren normales Leben und „social Life“ sich hauptsaechlich auf Tour abspielt. Das neue Album ist am 18. Oktober 2005 auf „BYO Records“ in den Staaten veroeffentlicht worden und wird Ende November auch in Deutschland erhaeltlich sein. Anfang 2006 ist dann wieder eine Europa-Tour geplant.

21. Oktober 2005
Die BAD BOYS FOR LIVE DVD-Reihe geht in die zweite Runde. Auf 2 DVDs befinden sich Live Aufnahmen in hervorragender Bild/Ton Qualitaet, von der diesjaehrigen "Where The Bad Boys Rock"-Tour. Live Mitschnitte gibt es von der Show in Wien, auf der folgende Bands zu sehen sind: MAD SIN, US BOMBS, GENERATORS, DEADLINE, DEEP EYNDE, DISTRICT. Neben den Auftritten gibt es noch Interviews, Backstage-Aufnahmen, eine Photo Gallery und eine Menge mehr! Ueber 170 Minuten! VÖ: 28. November 2005, auf “People Like You Records”.

14. Oktober
“Let´s Rock
Again” will be released on DVD during Spring next year. It was produced by JOE STRUMMER and longtime friend Dick Rude. The one-hour film was shot over the last 18 months of Joe's life.
“It has
been my blessing to share with the world an intimate portrait of such a passionate and humble man,” Rude said in a statement. “Joe was a true hero. His music changed people's lives. His love affected me profoundly. I am proud of the story he has allowed me to tell, but I would trade it all in a heartbeat to have him back.”
“Let´s Rock
Again!” opens with a montage of Clash-era footage of Strummer before ultimately settling into his stint fronting the Mescaleros. The film includes some stunning live performance footage and both frank and amusing interviews with Joe.


Let´s Rock Again!JOE STRUMMERLet´s Rock Again!JOE STRUMMER

14. Oktober
Out On 14.
October 2005: “The Inside Story Of THE CLASH”, a 148-page Q & Mojo Classic Special Edition, features England´s Greatest Punk Band Remembered - The Great Lost Joe Strummer Interview - Mick & Topper Speak! - The Unseen Pictures - Original Articles - Eyewitness Tales - New Interviews - Buyers Guides - The Clash Fantasy Box Set! - Foreword by Pete Townshend - Plus Rarities, Memorabilia, Competitions & Much More.


The Inside Story Of the ClashSpecial EditionThe Inside Story Of the Clash

14. Oktober
The next eighteen months promise to be a busy time for THE DAMNED. 2006 sees the band celebrate their 30th anniversary, release a new album, new single, new live DVD and of course tour extensively across the world. The Damned new single “Little Miss Disaster” will be released November 14th.

14. Oktober
Elton John joins the JOHN PEEL tribute. He will play piano and sing on the cover of the BUZZCOCKS classic 'Ever Fallen In Love'. Other people involved on the single are Buzzcocks Pete Shelley, The Who's Roger Daltrey, Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant, Pink Floyd's David Gilmour, The The Futureheads and The Datsuns. It will be released on November 21. All proceeds from sales will go to human rights charity Amnesty International.
A two-CD tribute album is also scheduled for release on October 17, featuring many Peel favourites, including his hero Lonnie Donegan, his favourite band the Fall and his all-time favourite song, “Teenage Kicks” by the UNDERTONES. A portion of the profits will likewise go to charities.
John Peel died of an heart attack last year, October 25 in Peru.

07. Oktober
Im November wird auf „
Caustic Rock Records“ das neue Album von der BLACKLIST BRIGADE „Slit Nose Hymns“ erscheinen. Die vier selbsternannten Filthy Pirates aus London sollen eine Mischung aus early US Bombs/Rancid stuff und Piratenhymnen mit Akkustikklampfe und Schifferklavier biten. U.a. mit Gastvocals von Duane Peters und das Artwork gestaltete Marco von „No Front Teeth“, die das Album in Co-Produktion fuer England veroeffentlichen: nofrontteeth.co.uk
Ebenfalls noch dieses Jahr erscheint eine EP mit 4 exklusiven
Stuecken der Aachener NXXX DOGS!!
Unter dem Titel
THE KAMIKAZE BROADCAST werden CRR und No Front Teeth naechstes Jahr eine Doppel-CD Compilation veroeffentlichen. Bisher bestaetigte Bands sind unter anderem: THE HUNNS, RADIATONS, SKEPTIC ELEPTIC, GUMBABIES, HYNKELS und CURB SLAPPYS. Interessierte Bands können weiterhin Demos schicken! Kontakt ueber: CausticRock.de

07. Oktober
„Cherry Red Records“
schlaegt im Oktober mit einigen Releases gut zu! Es erscheint eine Neu-Auflage der Debuet-LP der DEAD KENNEDYS „Fresh Fruit For Rotten Vegetables“ (The 25th Anniversary Edition, originally released September 1980). (It´s special edition of the original album which includes a bonus DVD documentary of previously unseen archival live footage and new interviews about the record. The 55 minute bonus DVD includes some of the earliest known live footage of Dead Kennedys performing tracks such as ‘California Uber Alles’ at the San Francisco venue Mabuhay Gardens, ‘Kill The Poor’ from Sproul Hall on the U.C. Berkeley campus a mere two months after the band formed, ‘Holiday in Cambodia’ shot during the band’s only live date in France, ‘Viva Las Vegas’ from the Mabuhay and a newly edited two-camera shoot of ‘Funland at the Beach’ from the Mabuhay as well.), RUEFREX “Capital Letters – Best Of Ruefrex” CD. (Ruefrex were one of Northern Ireland’s most popular, uncompromising and successful punk bands. Over a turbulent decade-long career the band were attacked by both Protestant and Catholic communities for their refusal to accept sectarian divisions. They also recorded some of the most powerful, lyrically potent music of the era, from their debut on Terri Hooley’s legendary Good Vibrations label to indie chart hits with the classic “Capital Letters” and “Paid In Kind”. This new release features all these classic tracks on CD for the first time, plus previously unreleased material, a full set of lyrics and memorabilia and in-depth sleevenotes written in collaboration with the band.), Various Artists: “Avon CallingVery Best Of Heartbeat Records” Doppel-CD. (Heartbeat Records, Bristols’ premiere independent label managed to capture most of this through a series of now highly acclaimed 7”singles – now much sought after by collectors, and with the showcase compilation album Avon Calling described by John Peel as “the one that sets the standard for any future compilation, not a bad track on ittruly superb” and playing 2-3 tracks every night for many weeks following its release. Now finally after twenty five years, that album and those singles are now available again on two CD’s with a booklet telling the story of how twenty bands and one label took a slice of time and made a piece of history.) und the GERMS “Media Blitz - The Germs Story” Doppel-DVD. (“Media Blitz” is the essential Germs package, containing a raucous live show performed by the band at world famous Whisky club in L.A. at the height of their success in 1979. The package also contains a collection of rare and unreleased live and studio tracks. The second disc in the package contains a unique and insightful interview with Germs founder member Don Bolles, who details the band’s career and photo gallery.)

07. Oktober
Towers Of London, so nennt sich eine Band, die wie soll es anders sein aus London stammt, und sich dem Glam-Punk-Rock’n’Roll widmen. Bisher sind zwei MCDs von ihnen erschienen, ihr Saenger sieht aus wie eine junge Ausgabe von Mickey de Sadist (FORGOTTEN REBELS) und ihr Sound ist gepraegt von allerhand SEX PISTOLS-Anleihen, besonders die Gitarre von Steve Jones hat es dieser noch relativ jungen Band angetan. Auf ihrer Homepage unter thetowersoflondon.com kann man sich selbst davon in Ton und Bild ueberzeugen. Bisher ist die Band fuer meine Begriffe noch relativ unbekannt in Deutschland. Sie haben vor kurzem einen Plattenvertrag in den Staaten unterzeichnet und sind dort derzeit auch auf Tour.

29. September
SKARS AND UPSTARTS – Tour durch die Staaten findet am 08. Oktober 2005 ihr Ende. Bands, die dort im Package mitspielen, sind u.a. DIE HUNNS und die BLACK HALOS. Habe soeben auf der „Disaster Seite“ den Tour-Bus auf einem Foto entdeckt., und den sollte ich euch nicht vorenthalten.

PUNK TOUR - BUS "Old Skars And Upstarts US-Tour 2005 (1-9-7-7)

23. September
Captain Oi! Records geht puenktlich in die Herbst-Offensive. Ende September erscheinen folgende CDs: CRASHED OUT „Pearls Before Swine“ (The U.K. Oi! Band make their debut on CD with this 15 tracker. Features a guest appearance from Toy Dolls Olga and a bonus of the promo video for “The Jarrow Song”.), THE RUTS “Grin N Bear It” (Long overdue release in it's own right of The Ruts second album which hit No.28 in the UK charts when first issued by Virgin in 1980. Includes the hit singles "Staring At The Rude Boys" and "West One (Shine On Me)" plus their very first single, "In A Rut", and the very last one, "Stepping Bondage". Original LP artwork includes the limited picture insert plus notes by guitarist Paul Fox.), THE PROFESSIONALS “The Best Of” (This is a definitive overview of the career of the band formed by Steve Jones and Paul Cook after the demise of The Sex Pistols. Includes all of their singles - "Just Another Dream", "1-2-3-", "Join The Professionals" and "The Magnificent" - plus the main cuts from their two studio albums.) und THE SKIDS “Scared To Dance” (A release for The Skids debut album which reached No.19 in the UK charts when first released by Virgin in 1979 and which now comes with eight bonus tracks. Featured are the hit singles "Sweet Suburbia", "The Saints Are Coming" and "Into The Valley" as well as the ultra rare "Charles" EP.) Fuer Oktober geplant: CHELSEA und ihr neues Studio-Album “Faster, Cheaper & Better Looking”, “The Punk Singles Collection” von MENACE, eine komplette Collection unter dem Titel “The 4P´s” von DEAD MAN'S SHADOW, eine “Best Of” von INFA-RIOT, “The Complete Punk Singles” von the EXPLOITED, das Debuet-Album als Re-Issue von CHRON GEN., und das neue Studio-Album der ANTI-NOWHERE LEAGUE mit dem Titel “Kings & Queens”. Im November gibt es Re-Issues von folgenden Alben: PENETRATION “Moving Targets”, beide MEMBERS-Scheiben “At The Chelsea Nightclub” und “1980 – The Choice Is Yours”, und wahrscheinlich eine “Complete Single Collection” von the RUTS, sowie von COCK SPARRER die CD mit dem Titel “The Decca Years”. Ausserdem sind noch in Planung neue Studioalben von ARGY BARGY und ANGELIC UPSTARTS.

23. September
the early 70's, rock photographer Bob Gruen and his wife Nadya purchased a portable video recorder. In a period of three years they shot over 40 hours of NEW YORK DOLLS footage. Now for the first time ever this footage is unveiled. This feature length documentary captures the band during early performances in New York at Kenny's Castaways and Max's Kansas City, then follows the Dolls on their tour of the west coast, including footage from the Whisky A Go Go, the Real Don Steele Show, Rodney Bingenheimer's E Club and much more. Intercut with revealing interviews, backstage banter and late night debauchery, this is The definitive document of the New York Dolls, and it´s called “All Dolled Up”. Release Date: 06. Dezember 2005 auf dem amerikanischen DVD-Label “MVD”.

the NEW YORK DOLLS - All Dolled Up DVD                    the NEW YORK DOLLS - All Dolled Up DVD

23. September
Bullet In A Bible“ wird eine neue CD/DVD von GREEN DAY heissen, die am 11. November 2005 erscheinen wird. Die DVD wird den Mitschnitt eines Gigs in Milton Keynes und tonnenweise Footage und Backstage-Szenen mitbringen!

23. September
HIROSHIMA MON AMOUR heisst die neue Band von Ex-REVOLVERS Uwe Umbruch. Erste Aufnahmen kann man sich am Montag, den 26. September 2005 auf der bandeigenen Homepage unter hiroshima-mon-amour.de anhoeren. Die Band ist natuerlich auf der Suche nach einem geeignetem Label und fuer Konzerte steht die Band auch in den Startloechern.

25. August
Lydon aka JOHNNY ROTTEN had to be dragged off JIMMY PURSEY - after the pair brawled inside the US Embassy. Lydon...blew a fuse when he found himself in the queue for visas with Sham 69's Pursey. Pursey tried to shake hands, Lydon yelled "F*** off!" and hurled a cup of coffee at his enemy. Pursey retaliated by kicking Lydon before the pair were separated by armed cops at the embassy in London's Grosvenor Square....Lydon last night dismissed Pursey's claims of anarchy in the US embassy, saying: "All the usual low rent and lies. He's not fit to be in the same sentence as me. What do you expect from a low-rent fake mockney two-bob runt?"

25. August
JAYNE COUNTY´s friend and long term manager Warren Heighway died in his sleep on Tuesday 19th July at 1.10pm.

25. August
THE LICKS will be releasing 'Got Love To Kill' as their next single on the 19th Sept. 2005 on “Hassle Records”.

25. August
next on DR. STRANGE RECORDS is one of Washington D.C.'s finest from the early 80's: BLACK MARKET BABY. Tom Lyle of Government Issue is working on the mastering and John Stabb (Government Issue singer) is doing the liner notes. This will be a complete discography.

25. August
Nachdem PETER & THE TEST TUBE BABIES im Mai diesen Jahres ihre DVD "Paralitico" herausgebracht haben, kommt nun am 24. Oktober 2005 ihr neues Studioalbum, das denn Titel "A Foot Full Of Bullets" traegt.

18. August
Am 11. November spielen
THE STIFFS ihren ersten Gig seit sechs Jahren mal wieder in der Originalbesetzung. Und zwar in ihrer Heimatstadt Blackburn, in der „King Georges Hall“. Als support werden THE FAST CARS spielen, und als special guest wird Dave Philp von THE AUTOMATICS aus den Staaten erwartet. In dem Zusammenhang werden Dave und Phil Hendriks von The Stiffs wohl die Arbeiten an einer Automatics DVD beenden koennen, da Phil noch Material hat, das bis ins Jahr 1980 reicht. Dave hat seit dem akutellen Album der Automatics „Forty Virgins In The Afterlife“ inzwischen weitere 40 Songs im Studio aufgenommen, u.a. mit Ian McCallum (STIFF LITLE FINGERS) und Mick Rossi (SLAUGHTER & THE DOGS). Also kann man davon ausgehen, das wohl recht bald wieder eine neue full-length der Automatics ins Haus steht.

18. August
Glasper's follow-up book to “Burning Britain”, which is going to be all about UK anarcho punk in the early Eighties and entitled “The Day The Country Died”, is still set for publication next Summer through “Cherry Red”. He is currently trying to locate ex-members of the Irish band Hit Parade, and also anyone who was involved in the Wet Paint Theatre... and he is still in urgent need of decent photos of either Rudimentary Peni or The Snipers.

18. August
Der New Yorker Club „CBGBs“ kann nicht zwangs geraeumt werden, weil er dem Vermieter noch Geld schuldet, da ihm die angeblichen Schulden von 100 000 Dollar nie in Rechnung gestellt wurden. Das CBGBs ist aber noch lange nicht aus dem Schneider: Ende August laeuft der Mietvertrag aus und der Besitzer hat noch immer keine Anstalten gemacht, diesen zu verlaengern. Alles über das CBGBs und dessen Rettungsaktionen gibt's unter cbgb.com und savecbgb.org

12. August
Am 04. Oktober 2005 erscheint in den Staaten auf „MVD“ die DVD “You Can´t Put Your Arms Around A Memory“, ein Konzert, was im Januar 1987 aus dem “Roxy” in Los Angeles mitgeschnitten wurde. Beteiligt sind Johnny Thunders, Arthur „Killer“ Kane und Jerry Nolan. 18 Songs aus der New York Dolls sowie aus der Heartbreakers-Zeit werden live on stage ausgetragen, einige davon auch in akustischer Version.

Thunders, Kane & Nolan“You Can´t Put Your Arms Around A Memory“ DVDThunders, Kane & Nolan“You Can´t Put Your Arms Around A Memory“ DVD

05. August
“Flowers in
the Dustbin: An Alternative Guide to Sex Pistols” (Helter Skelter) by ALAN PARKER, is now fixed for publication in April 2006. The book runs to over 80,000 words.

05. August
the COCKNEY REJECTS have just completed basic tracks for a new studio-album in Jacobs Studios in Farnham, Surrey, with producer Clyde Ward.

05. August
EAST SIDE RECORDS ist online und ab sofort unter eastsiderecords.de zu erreichen. Neben den Label-News werden auch alle wichtigen Infos zu den Trashcan Darlings, Attila The Stockbroker und den Schwarzen Schafen regelmassig zu finden sein. Das letzte Album „Zero Tolerance“ von Barnstormer (Attila The Stockbroker) wird am 02. Oktober 2005 als limitiertes 333-Stueck-Vinyl erscheinen.

21. Juli
The producers of “Punk's Not Deadhave announced some details about the ambitious documentary which aims to cover the punk scene from its inception in 1976 to the present. The filmmakers are aiming for a release in 2006 which will also represent the 30th anniversary of the genre. Among a huge list of bands appearing in the film in performance or interviews are Minor Threat, Stiff Little Fingers, The Briefs, Social Distortion, Dead Kennedys, NOFX, Discharge, Black Flag, Bad Religion, Alkaline Trio, X, Green Day, MC5, GBH and many others. The film also features contributions from notable personalities and organizations like Legs McNeil (PUNK Magazine), Kevin Lyman, SST, Arturo Vega (Ramones), Fat Wreck Chords, Brandon Cruz and BYO. The film is directed by Susan Dynner and counts Tim Armstrong among the producers. Click to watch the trailer: http://www.punksnotdeadthemovie.com/Pages/teaserwindow_small.html


Punks Not Dead - The Movie

21. Juli
The new BUZZCOCKS full-length is complete! Release date TBA. 14 tracks by Pete Shelley and Steve Diggle at their finest. Production by Tony Barber.

21. Juli
Das aktuelle Album der BLACK HALOS „
Alive Without Control“ erscheint fuer Europa am 26. September 2005 auf „People Like You Records“. Ausserdem ist die Band nun bei „TeenAge Head Music“, der Touragentur aus Belgien untergekommen, wo auch AMERICAN HEARTBREAK zu Hause sind und bisher zwei Europa-Touren bestritten haben. Also wird es nur noch eine Frage der Zeit sein, wann endlich die BLACK HALOS nach Europa kommen. Ich schaetze mal Anfang 2006.

the BLACK HALOS - Alive Without Control" CD

21. Juli
Channel 4 are making a documentary about JOHN PEEL later in the year, based on the contents of his box of 100 favourite 45's, and coupled with his induction into the uk music hall of fame.

14. Juli
Das neue Studio-Album der
ADOLESCENTS mit dem Titel „OC Confidential“ ist am 12. Juli 2005 in den USA bei „Finger Records“ erschienen.

14. Juli
Die neuen “Hostage
Records”-Singles von DAMAGED GOODS und THE HAVE NOT$ sind nun endlich veroeffentlicht worden. Limitiert auf 500 Kopien und im colored wax.

14. Juli
Capital Entertainment
presents the Two-Disc DVD-Set of “Punk: Attitude” on September 6, 2005, for the states. (European Release Date, UK Only is 03. October 2005)
Letts premiered “Punk: Attitudefirst at the Tribeca Film Festival, than at the Toronto and Los Angeles Film Festivals.
Featuring interviews with Henry Rollins, Tommy Ramone, David Johansen, Chrissie Hynde, Steve Jones, Jello Biafra and a colorful cast of luminary narrators. The film delves into the roots of punk, borne of the Velvet Underground, MC-5, and the New York Dolls, connecting the musical dots from the 70’s London scene to New York’s CBGB’s.
Vintage footage and archival performances of the Sex Pistols, the Ramones, the Clash and the Damned are unearthed in this fascinating feature, revealing the explosive power of punk on the rise. Excavating deep below the surface, Punk: Attitude also explores the impact of less-celebrated, but wholly fascinating figures from punk’s colorful past. The uprising of hardcore, Boston straight-edge, and punk’s Reggae connection are insightfully studied, focusing on Fugazi, the Bad Brains, and Sonic Youth, as the stage is set for Seattle’s post-punk Nirvana. From the outrageous fashion of the safety-pin aesthetic to the comical disorder of the Great Rock & Roll Swindle, this is punk rock, in all its frantic glory.
This two-disc set boasts three hours of additional footage including, “Where Are They Nowfeature, up-to-date bios on the artists profiled in the film, Punk ‘family tree’—a virtual who’s who in the past and present punk scene, California Screamin’ “Behind the Masquearticle by Don Waller, Henry Rollins interview, Dave Goodman feature and additional pieces which include The Attitude/Spirit Of Punk, The Influences/Origins Of Punk, Punk On Culture And The Arts, UK Verses The US, Punk Evolution, The Gigs/Performances And The Punk Sounds; as well as an exclusive L.A. punk scene featurette produced by Capital Entertainment.
Go to
the trailer, my son:

                   pUnk: AttitudeThe Cover Of The US-ReleasepUnK: Attitude

30. Juni
The SKULLS are now working on their 3rd studio album, which is still un-named. Talks are currently taking place with a number of record labels and a tentative release date has been set for October 2005.

30. Juni
Bei “Detour Records” tut sich auch wieder was:
Demnaechst erscheinen dort folgende CDs: TWO TONE PINKS mit „Battered And Bruised“, the AMBER SQUAD mit „Are We Having Another In Here Or What?“, the DIRECTIONS mit „Weekend Dancers“, sowie eine MCD von IAN PAGE & THE AFFAIR mit dem Titel „Hold On To Your Mojo“, die auch als Vinylversionen erhaeltlich sein wird. Weiterhin in Planung: der vierte Sampler aus der Reihe BORED TEENAGERS und die Hinterlassenschaften der ´70er Punkrock-Band the RIVALS „…If Only“.

23. Juni
Monatelang tat sich nichts unter www.chelseapunkband.com
 Nun ist die Seite von CHELSEA mit einigen wenigen Updates endlich wieder erreichbar.

23. Juni
CaresThe Duane Peters Story“ erscheint demnaechst auf DVD. Hier geht es schon mal zum Trailer: http://www.blacklabelskates.com/htmls/video/DP_video_window.htm

16. Juni
Archive post-punk documentary classic “ROUGH CUT & READY DUBBED” buried in a vault for twenty years is released on DVD by ILC Prime on 13th June 2005.
Featuring: Stiff Little Fingers, Cockney Rejects, The Selecter, Patrik Fitzgerald, Purple Hearts, Sham 69, John Peel, A Certain Ratio, Tony Wilson and Garry Bushell. DVD Extras: Rough Cut & Ready Dubbed Re-Visited featuring the original cast twenty five years on and an interview with the directors.
Info about the film: “Fabulous long unseen movie of the post punk period between 1978 and 1981 that is more than just a music record, featuring as it does the looks, the poses, the rucks, the riots and the slaggings of bands and their fans. Filmed by a bunch of spit covered teenagers, this is not so much a documentary as a series of forays into the opinions of the protagonists of Punk, Mod, Oi, Dance and Ska; the kids on the street, the music, press and of course, the bands themselves. Originally, shot on Super 8 and blown up to 16mm, the film retains it’s rough and ready cut to produce a gem of street level cinema. Also has some cracking performances from exponents of punk, mod, oi and ska all filmed in the same DIY ethic that spawned punk itself!”

Rough Cut & Ready Dubbed DVDROUGH CUT & READY DUBBED DVDRough Cut & Ready Dubbed DVD

09. Juni
Wie jetzt erst bekannt wurde verstarb der fruehere Gitarrist der
REVILLOS, Kid Krupa im Alter von 42 Jahren bereits Anfang Maerz. Ueber die Todesursache ist nichts weiter bekannt.

12. Mai
“The Truly Madly Deeply Vale” ist der Titel einer DVD, die bald erscheinen wird. Das “Deeply Vale Festival” gibt es seit Anfang der ´70er und hatte besonders in den Tagen des englischen Punk Rock einige Bands zu Gast, die nun auf dieser DVD zu sehen sind. U.a. the RUTS, the FALL und the FAST CARS. Mehr Information unter: deeplyvale.com

28. April
ANTI-FLAG are currently writing and planning to record their next full-length album to be released on RCA Records in early 2006. The relationship with “Fat Wreck” stays intact and the band cannot thank them enough for their continued friendship and support.

28. April
Wie ja bereits berichtet, ist der New Yorker CBGB, von der Schliessung bedroht. Dies hat aktuell vor allem damit zutun, dass der Besitzer des Gebaeudes die Mieten verdoppelt hat. Nun gibt es eine Online-Petition, die man unterzeichnen kann, um den Besitzer zum Umdenken zu bewegen.
Go to: http://www.petitiononline.com/landmark/petition.html

07. April
Previously unheard re-mastered tracks by JOE STRUMMER are to be released on Monday 23. May in the UK. The unearthed recordings entitled, ‘Elgin Avenue Breakdown (Revisited)’, come from time Joe spent with the 101ers. Joe's wife Lucinda is releasing the tracks through EMI. Included will be a full studio session and a handful of live tracks.

07. April
A new documentary has been made about the life and times of the late JOE STRUMMER. “Viva Joe Strummer” is produced and directed by Mike Parkinson, and it features new interviews with Mick Jones, Topper Headon, Johnny Green, Pennie Smith, Glen Matlock and many others who talk openly and frankly about their relationship with Joe. Shot on location in Joe's old stomping ground of Notting Hill and Camden Town. This film follows his career from its' humble beginnings with London squat band 'The 101ers' right through to his stadium filling tours with the 'The Clash' and then to his triumphant return to the fore with his own band 'The Mescaleros'. Release Date: 23. May 2005.




11. Maerz
X: Live In Los Angeles DVD/CD (scheduled for a May 10th release on “Shout! Factory!”)
The musical history of Los Angeles can be divided into two distinct eras: “Before X” and “After X.” The new performance DVD from Shout! Factory, X: Live In Los Angeles, commemorates the 25th anniversary of the band’s debut album, Los Angeles. The original band, comprised of Exene Cervenka, John Doe, Billy Zoom and D.J. Bonebrake, has come together once again to rock this milestone with a 21 song set of favorites, plus bonus acoustic duets and a photo gallery. A complementary audio version of X: Live In Los Angeles will be available on CD. The core of X Live In Los Angeles is a concert filmed on the Sunset strip, the Saturday night following Thanksgiving, 2004. Twenty of the songs are X originals, drawn from their extensive back catalog; the final encore, The Doors’ “Soul Kitchen” had been a standout track on their 1980 Los Angeles album, produced by The Doors’ Ray Manzarek. Just before the show, Cervenka and Doe taped acoustic duet versions of “See How We Are” and “True Love” as DVD bonus elements. The DVD’s “Billy Zoom’s Photo Gallery” collects many of the highlights from Zoom’s personal collection of photographs taken from the stage, answering fans’ long time question: “Is there film in that camera?”

04. Maerz
“The Great Rock 'N' Roll Swindle” is to be released on DVD in the USA on May 17th (
“Shout! Factory!”). Director Julien Temple has contributed a new audio commentary and interview to the DVD release. European Release Date: 13. June 2005.

SEX PISTOLS - "The Great Rock'n'Roll Swindle" DVD

04. Maerz
The JOHNS are the best of the post collateral bands featuring Robo (Pushers), Mike Rouse (Bleeders) and Tommy Macke (Grabbers) and the drummer from the Hunns.
Rick and Paul are combing thru the Hostage archives for lost tracks and unheard music, which means CUTS volume two on LP is around the corner expect tracks from the Pushers, Bonecrusher, the Bleeders, the Drips, Broken Bottles, Smut Peddlers and more.

04. Maerz
Auch in New York wird das Leben bekanntlich nicht billiger. Davon kann auch das legendaere „CBGBs“ ein Lied singen. Der Club, in dem die Ramones, Blondie oder die Talking Heads ihre ersten Schritte machten, droht ab August naemlich eine saftige Mieterhoehung auf sagenhafte 40.000 Dollar pro Monat. Zum Vergleich, als Hilly Kristal 1972 das „CBGBs“ eroeffnete lag die Miete noch bei uebersichtlichen 600 Dollar. Der Grund für die Kostenexplosion: In den letzten Jahren wurde die Gegend im Bowery-District auf der Lower Eastside immer mehr zum Szene-Viertel, und damit steigen natuerlich auch die Mietpreise. Doch noch ist ein wenig Hoffnung: „We're not closing“, versichert Hillys Tochter Lisa Kristal. „We're trying to negotiate.“

Auf ForgottenRebels.com kann man ein neues Interview mit Mickey  nachlesen, was im “Echo Weekly“ erschienen ist.

Forgotten Rebels On The Cover Of "Echo Weekly"

Dave Goodman, producer of the first Sex Pistols demo recordings, suffered a heart attack and died at his home in Malta about one week ago, early february. Dave was responsible for the legendary recordings of July & October 1976, plus January 1977. His recordings resulted in one of the most celebrated bootleg albums of the punk era, Spunk. He also contributed to sessions for The Great Rock 'N' Roll Swindle.

The Joe Strummer Train is now standing at Platform 1, Bristol Temple Meads station. Joe's wife Lucinda unveiled the name plaque showing Strummer's name. The Train is Class 47 Diesel, which is owned by Cotswold Rail, and bears the serial number 47828. One of the most unlikely of tributes paid to Joe Strummer.

Channel 3 are currently compiling footage for a DVD to be hopefully released later this year.

The English recordlabel “No Front Teeth” has just released the European issue of The Bombshells self-titled debut CD.

A restored DVD version of “the Punk Rock Movie” is to be released this year. Don Letts contributed to the rapturously received Punk season at the National Film Theatre in 2002 and this successful partnership inspired the donation of this unique collection of original reels of Super 8 to the bfi. These are the raw materials from which The Punk Rock Movie, his vibrant 1977 documentary portraying the London punk movement, was derived. This unique archive is packed with a tantalising combination of unseen and rarely seen footage which did not make it into the original release, including live performances and backstage material from many of the leading names in British punk as well as lesser known ones.