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Friday, 11. August 2006
The September Issue of “UNCUT” contains a question and answer feature with MALCOLM McLAREN. McLaren answers questions on John Lydon, Sid Vicious, Steve Jones´ hair, and Never Mind The Bollocks.

Friday, 11. August 2006
Yes, it's true: EATER return!!!
Eater were arguably thee archetypal first wave punkers: a bunch of school kids ignited into anarchic action by the appalling influence of the utterly irresponsible Sex Pistols. School kids by day, Punk Rock luminaries by night. Just a quick glance at Eaters choice of cover versions tells you everything you need to know about Punk Rocks Darwinian Evolution By Natural Selection. With such characters in the band as Andy Blade and Dee Generate (14 at the time) was Eater thee first true british punk band ???They didn't do rock riffs (Pistols) hadn't honed their sound for years (Strummer 101s years before The Clash), they weren't the Stooges in carnet (The Damned) or even converts from the pub rock scene (The Vibrators). Yes, Eater were one of the first 5 bands to don the Punk tag in early 1976, but applied the DIY ethic without deviation. The band telling friends at school they were in a band ('just to get girls and look cool'). Enough was enough the pressure was on, time to make it happen and hey, if the Pistols can do it 'at their age' we sure can. And they did. Eater were resedence at the infamous Roxy Club on Neal Street. This was England's CBGBs, they all play there: Pistols, Clash, Damned, Generation X, The Adverts, X Ray Spex etc etc The nights were glued together by the in-house DJ, Don Letts. Bringing Dillinger, Prince Far - I and Burning Spear to the mass of punks gathered undground in this seady side street off Covent Garden.
Well, I´m gonna stop right there on the story board. Trakmarx (trakmarx.com) helped bring the Damned Damned Damned reunion together in July 2006, now this time it's finally Eater turn. The first time the band has plugged in and played the Capital in over 29 years. This is the first and possibly the last (as the next time may be 2035!) chance to see this legendary band of 76 strut there stuff. As soon as Don Letts heard the news that the event was on he pledged his services. Don will be DJing, just like he did back in the day at the Roxy, not only with his ol' muckers Eater but also being joined by TV Smith, leader and mouthpiece of The Adverts. TV with be playing a selection of Advert songs on the night which is always a pleasure to behold. Adding to the night we have Kris Needs, book writer, one-time editor of Zig Zag magazine and for us DJ supremo, spinning with Don the best Goddamn music on the planet. By way of a slight artistic bent we have the 100 Punks Gallery join us through the eyes of one Johnny Deluxe. A series of photo-booth shots of famous and non-famous faces of the day that will be staring in on the Eater event we have called MEET EATER.
MEET EATER is at the only venue we could of wanted, the place of the Punk Fesival in 76, the 100 Club on Oxford Street 28th September 2006. Tickets are strictly limited to 250 and are on sale now and are available through www.wegottickets.com/event/11909 or the 100 Club website at £15 including booking fees. The reason 15 is important is that the band had an average age of 15 at the time, had a track on there one and only album called 15, in direct response to Alice Cooper's 18. For more information and features on the night go to trakmarx.com or write to trakmarx at wastebin@trakmarx.com
Further reading on Eater can be found at:
This will be the first time Eater have played a full electric set in London with Dee Generate since early 77.
“Its been strange meeting up with Andy after 28 years, we had parted on difficult terms when he was 15 and I was 14 years old. I think we both recognise now how the sacking was the start of the demise of Eater, but its part of the story, and in lots of ways thats whats interesting now. If we had been gigging for the past 30 years playing the punk nostalgia circuit, getting fat and bald in public, people would have lost interest by now. We arent fat or bald by the way. I am 44 now, but as I started aged 14, I ve got a few years on the others.
The 100 club gig is going to be just like seeing Eater in 76/77, we haven´t progressed musically there are no new songs, we haven´t rehearsed much and will play the same set we did at the Roxy in 76. Having Don Letts there makes it even more real.”
(Dee Generate, August 2006)

Friday, 11. August 2006
Die finnischen Poppunker THE BLITZKRIEG BOYS sind zurueck. Im September kommt das „20 Year Anniversary Album“ via Woimasointu und für naechstes Jahr ist die „(It´s a long way) Back to Germany“-Tour geplant.

Friday, 11. August 2006
Demnaechst neu auf TKO RECORDS: V.A. “Everybody Loves Antiseen” 2CD (5.9.), LOWER CLASS BRATS “The New Seditionaries” LP/CD (5.9.), SMOGTOWN s/t 7” (5.9.), SHOCK NAGASAKI “Year Of The Spy” CD (3.10.)

Friday, 11. August 2006
Am 26. Maerz 2006 verstarb NIKKI SUDDEN in New York auf seiner letzten Tour. Am 19. Juli dieses Jahres waere er 50 Jahre alt geworden.
Nikki Sudden hat Hunderte von Songs geschrieben und veroeffentlicht. Insgesamt erschienen 20 Alben mit ihm, unter anderem mit seinen Bands SWELL MAPS und JACOBITES. Mit drei Mitgliedern der Band R.E.M. gab er 1990 das Album „Liquor, Guns and Ammo“ heraus. Musiker wie Mike Scott (WATERBOYS) und Rowland S. Howard (BIRTHDAY PARTY) wirkten bei seinen Alben mit.
Ein Massenpublikum zog Nikki Sudden trotzdem nie an, dafuer hatte er jedoch mit experimenteller Musik eine treue Fangemeinde und galt Vielen als Kultfigur.
Nikki Sudden lebte bis zu seinem Tode in Berlin und arbeitete hier mit unterschiedlichsten Musikern zusammen.
Seinem Leben und seiner Musik zur Ehre findet am Donnerstag, dem 31. August 2006, im Roten Salon in Berlin ein Tribute-Konzert zum Andenken an Nikki Sudden statt. Nikki Sudden war nicht nur in der Berliner Musikszene sehr beliebt - überall auf der Welt kannte er Menschen, die ihn schaetzten, liebten.
Freunde und Musikerkollegen aus Berlin und ganz Europa erinnern sich an ihn und spielen seine Songs.

Friday, 11. August 2006
Ein aktuelles Interview mit der ehemaligen NEW YORK LOOSE-Sängerin Brijitte West gibt es auf: sleazegrinder.com/int_NewYorkLoose.htm zu lesen.

Friday, 11. August 2006
Schon am 11. Juli 2006 kam „All Mod Cons“, die dritte LP von the JAM als CD plus DVD raus: “This two-disc special package featured a remastered version of the original album as well as single b-sides, demos and rarities - including never-released demos of “Mr Clean” and “Fly”. The second disc features an exclusively-shot new film, directed by Don Letts - 'The Making Of All Mod Cons'. The project has been personally overseen by Paul Weller, Rick Buckler & Bruce Foxton and the film features exclusive new interviews with all three band members.
The 40-minute film also includes promo clips, previously-unseen live footage of The Jam at The Roxy Club and an exclusive solo acoustic rendition of “English Rose” by Paul at his rehearsal studio.
Deluxe packaging - digi-pak, new liner notes, new interviews and rare period photos. Initial copies will include a limited edition replica of original LP poster.”

Thursday, 03. August 2006
ALAN PARKER (Author von Punkrock-Buechern wie etwa "Sid's Way" - The Life & Death Of Sid Vicious, / with Anne Beverley, "Song By Song" - Stiff Little Fingers / with Jake Burns, "Satellite" - the Sex Pistols / with Paul Burgess oder "Rat Patrol From Fort Bragg" - the Clash) will be doing a talk on Punk Rock in general and Sid Vicious in particular at, The Redferns Music Gallery - 3 Bramley Rd. - London W10 6SZ -Wednesday August 28th 2006 (Nearest tube: Latimer Rd/Hammersmith & City line).
Expect a few punk stars too.

Thursday, 03. August 2006
THE TIGHTS recorded 4 new tracks on 22nd and 23rd of July '06 . 2 unmixed tracks are now on The Tights Myspace: myspace.com/thetights

Thursday, 03. August 2006
The latest issue of BIG CHESSE is a special 30 years of Punk issue, with guest editor Fat Mike from NOFX. Plus the Ramones, Damned, Sham 69, AFI plus top 100 punk songs of all time. There is also a Free Punk CD, that features the world exclusive track by the Masons, featuring The Business's Steve Whale and Crass's Steve Ignorant. Visit: bigcheesemagazine.com


Thursday, 03. August 2006
TURBONEGRO are back in the studio recording the follow up to “Party Animals”.

Thursday, 03. August 2006
The STIFFS first DVD "Let´s Activate" is now available on “Dork Records”. The DVD features the Live Show recorded at Blackburn King George´s Hall by the original line-up 11/11 2005. Filmed on 3 cameras and recorded with 24-track digital sound, the DVD includes the entire Stiffs set plus 5 songs which the Stiffs played with special guest Dave Philp of THE AUTOMATICS and a bonus interview.
To order the DVD visit: dorkrecords.net

Thursday, 03. August 2006
The new VICE SQUAD CD “Defiant” will be to release at “SOS Records” on 22. August 2006.