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Donnerstag, 16. August 2007
this weeks new MP3- Punk Rock Songs on MySpace:
Please check the 2 new songs from the forthcoming HAMBURG RAMÖNES-CD “Long Black Hair”.
>> MySpace.com - HAMBURG RAMÖNES - HAMBURG - Punk / Garage House / Alternativ <<

Donnerstag, 16. August 2007
TONY WILSON has died on 10. August 2007 aged 57 following a heart attack. He passed away on Friday evening in hospital. The former Factory Records boss had been diagnosed with kidney cancer last year, and had been undergoing treatment in hospital in Manchester.
Wilson founded the famous Hacienda nightclub and was one of five co-founders of Factory Records, which produced bands such as New Order and the Happy Mondays during a period in the eighties dubbed 'Madchester'.
Born at Hope hospital, Salford, he went to De La Salle Grammar School, Salford, and studied english at Cambridge before beginning his TV career as a trainee with ITN in 1971.
He was a reporter and presenter on Granada Reports and went on to present So It Goes - the music show that first aired punk bands.
Professor Robert Hawkins, his doctor at Christie hospital, said: “It's very sad. He died as a result of something unrelated to his cancer. His cancer was responding well to treatment but obviously did contribute to his poor health.”

Donnerstag, 16. August 2007
RAT SCABIES (former THE DAMNED-Drummer) visiting his old mate DERWOOD (former GENERATION X-Guitarist) recently, who unearthed some rough mix tapes of a band they had running for a short while called “DEAD HORSE”.
Dead Horse featured GLEN MATLOCK (former SEX PISTOLs-Bassist) on bass and Twenty Flight Rocker GARY TWINN on vocals.
These songs were recorded at Arch 8 studio during 1996 and never saw the light of day.
The band decided to “MySpace" these lost gems for the listening public to enjoy so please feel free to hear a brief slice of history – enjoy! >>> myspace.com/deadwhores

Donnerstag, 16. August 2007
HIROSHIMA MON AMOUR gehen auf Tour vom 02. November 2007 – 18. November 2007. Puenktlich zum 01. November 2007 erscheint der erste Longplayer unter dem Namen “No Hope For A Useless Generation”. Die Band sucht noch Gigs. Bitte melden unter:
MySpace.com - Hiroshima Mon Amour - Bochum, DE - Punk / Rock - myspace.com

Donnerstag, 16. August 2007
Neue CD-Veroeffentlichungen, demnaechst auf “TEENAGE REBEL RECORDS”:
OHL – ”Jenseits von gut und boese“ > Das Album von 1986, Wave-Punk/Lords Of The New Church-maessig mit unpolitischen Texten, als Bonus noch Aufnahmen vom letzten Konzert in den 80ern sowie zwei Proberaum-Tracks. Booklet mit Linernotes von Deutscher W zur Situation/voruebergehenden Aufloesung von OHL Mitte der 80er Jahre. (VOE: 31. August 2007)
V.A. - “Teenage Rebel...der Sampler, Vol. 4“ > Nach 1995, 1998 sowie 2002 nun die vierte Folge der beliebten Nice-Price-Serie. Dieses Mal 31 Stuecke von Produktionen der letzten Jahre mit bekannten und weniger bekannten Teenage Rebel-Bands. Fuers Auge ein 36-Seiten-Booklet. (VOE: 05. Oktober 2007)
ARTLESS – “Tanzparty Deutschland“ > Deutscher Punk von 1980, damals als Kassette erschienen. 1990 auf LP wieder veroeffentlicht, aber lange vergriffen. Nun komplett neu gemastert mit 13 Live-Titeln von 1981 als Bonus auf CD. Inkl. fettem Booklet, wie es sich für eine vernuenftige Produktion gehoert. (VOE: 05. Oktober 2007)
DIE PROFIS - “Neue Sensationen“ > Der Mod/Powerpop/Pop-Meilenstein aus Duesseldorf von 1982 plus noch mal soviel Bonuse, u.a. nie gehoerte Aufnahmen der Vorgaengerband STAIRS noch in Viererbesetzung. Das Master steht, das umfangreiche Booklet dauert leider noch. Eine der besten “Teenage Rebel“-Produktionen ueberhaupt! (VOE noch dieses Jahr)

Freitag, 10. August 2007
this weeks new MP3- Punk Rock Songs on MySpace:
three new songs for a free download from CIRCLE JERKS-sounded CA band THE JDKz!
>> myspace.com/jdkz <<

Freitag, 10. August 2007
IGGY POP and MICK JONES are set to join the judging panel of the Raindance Film Festival. The film festival will take at an undisclosed location in London between September 25 and October 7.

Freitag, 10. August 2007
Das ZDF zeigt, jeweils am Montag gegen Mitternacht in den naechsten Wochen vier Filme zum Thema Punk: Punk im Dschungel (13.08.), Pop Odyssee: House of the Rising Punk (20.08.), Stoerung Ost (27.08.) und Brennende Langeweile (03.09.).

Freitag, 10. August 2007
“BYO Records” have set an October 23rd release date for the THE BRIEFS still untitled new DVD. The film will include a feature length documentary chronicling the band's history from their formation through the present. It will include interviews, live footage and other behind the scenes material. The DVD will include a second disc of live tracks recorded during a radio station on-air session.
Members Steve E. Nix and Steve Kicks have been recording and performing with Steve E. Nix and the Cute Lepers, who recently released their “Terminal Boredom” 7 inch.
The Briefs will hit the studio soon to record a new song for BYO's 25th anniversary box set.

Freitag, 10. August 2007
THE ADICTS have been busy, recording two albums, the first one is a remake of the first album “Songs Of Praise”. Its a 25th anniversary edition and it will come out with “A Making Of”-DVD.
Also the band finished mixing a completely new studio album, it seems to be called “Life Goes On”. The band is looking for a label.

Freitag, 10. August 2007
The new formed band THE DIPSOMANIACS got the following band members: Steve Smith - Vocals (Red Alert, ex Red London), Neil Newton - Guitar (Angelic Upstarts), Dickie Hammond - Guitar (Angelic Upstarts, Leatherface), Gaz Stoker - Bass (Angelic Upstarts, ex Red Alert, ex Red London) and Bret Mulvaney - Drums (ex Pits).
The band is recording a 3 track demo on 18th and 19th August and will be building a myspace site soon. The music is classic old school punk sounding a bit like the Clash with a lot of our other influences mixed in.

Freitag, 10. August 2007
A colossal collection of songs by punk legend SID VICIOUS is to go on sale in October, as part of the marketing surrounding the 30 year anniversary of the release of Sex Pistols’ debut LP “Never Mind The Bollocks”.
Titled “Sid Lives”, the double disc compilation is taken from the last four live shows Vicious has ever performed and consists of 39 songs – most of which have never been released before.
During his period as a solo artist, Vicious performed with the likes of Mick Jones (The Clash), Rat Scabies (the Damned) and the New York Dolls.
A 24-page, 8000-word booklet detailing the Sex Pistols saga is to accompany the album. Inside, guitarist Steve Dior gives an eyewitness account on the demise of the band and the conspiracy theories surrounding Nancy and Sid’s deaths.
There is also background material to all the songs and an extensive timeline in regard to the lives of Sid, Nancy and The Sex Pistols.
With the publishers promising the double CD collection for under a tenner, it promises to be the bargain for all the Sid Vicious fans. 'Sid Lives' is released on October 22.

Freitag, 10. August 2007
CARBON/SILICON have announced that they will release their debut album “The Last Post” on October 8.
Formed by The Clash and Generation X punk pioneers, Mick Jones and Tony James, the four-piece have been experimenting with garage rock and will also release their second single 'The Magic Suitcase' on September 10.
The pairing, recently described by music mogul Alan McGee as ‘the Stones jamming with a laptop’, Carbon/Silicon have embraced technological advances influencing music, saying that the formation of the band was catalysed by the popularity of peer-to-peer file sharing websites.
Previous song compilations by Jones and James have been readily available to download for free from their website. Previously the band said: “It's what we always believed in...that the internet was the most exciting way forward for us, the new frontier for artists to get their music out there.”
Jones and James have been friends ever since 1975 but it was only in 2002 that they started writing songs together; around the same time Mick Jones produced The Libertines’ critically acclaimed debut album, 'Up The Bracket'.
Carbon/Silicon have grown to include musicians Leo Williams (formerly of BAD) and Dominic Greensmith (Reef) playing bass guitar and drums.

Donnerstag, 02. August 2007
this weeks new MP3- Punk Rock Songs on MySpace:
A track from the GLASS HEROES upcoming full length: "Let Me Down", nnmixed..w/ out vocals.
>> myspace.com/glassheroes <<

Donnerstag, 02. August 2007
Legs McNeil (founder of New York´s PUNK MAGAZINE and author of “Please Kill Me!”) is done with the JOEY RAMONE Biography. No release date yet.

Donnerstag, 02. August 2007
DI new full-length CD “On The Western Front” is coming out on August 14, 2007 on “Suburban Noize Records”.

Donnerstag, 02. August 2007
The play “Teenage Kicks” tells the tale of JOHN PEEL's transformation from "a well-spoken idealistic hippy into a down-to-earth DJ".
Paul Hodson, who wrotes the play, said of the actors who came to audition for the part: "They were bottling it. Even the ones we had were saying, 'This is the worst audition I've ever come to.' They were scared shitless."
Kieron Forsyth, who got the part of Peel, revealed he had been going through video and audiotapes to get into character but admitted: "This is a big one. Peel is an icon. It's a bit terrifying."
The play begins on August 3 at the Assembly Universal Arts theatre in Edinburgh.

Donnerstag, 02. August 2007
The Rev, along with drummer Snell, quit TOWERS OF LONDON on July 13, days before the band embarked on a UK tour.
"I felt the integrity of the band had gone since Donny's appearance on 'Celebrity Big Brother'," The Rev said. "Donny and Dirk [Tourette] became all about the partying and the music suffered. It had become the Donny Tourette show. I left the band on my own terms."

Donnerstag, 02. August 2007
LEATHERFACE will enter the studio late August to record a new track for the BYO 25th Anniversary Box Set which is due out March 2008. This will be the band's first recording since their 2004 full-length release, “Dog Disco”.

Donnerstag, 02. August 2007
American television and radio personality TOM SNYDER has passed away at 71. Tom died last Sunday in San Francisco from complications associated with leukemia, said his longtime producer and friend Mike Horowicz.
Though he is more recently known as the host of The Late Late Show with Tom Snyder, Snyder actually became well-known while hosting The Tomorow Show which featured early conversations with some of punk and new wave's most striking figures. His classic interviews included everyone from Elvis Costello, Iggy Pop, Patti Smith, Joan Jett, Paul Weller, Johnny Rotten, The Clash, The Plasmatics and PIL.
Some of those interviews eventually surfaced on a DVD titled The Tomorrow Show - Punk & New Wave released last year.

Donnerstag, 02. August 2007
B-I-G News from “Captain Oi! Records”: “SEPTEMBER will finally see the much delayed digi-pak versions of THE LURKERS “FULHAM FALLOUT” (AHOY DPX 73) and THE DICKIES “DAWN OF THE DICKIES” (AHOY DPX 150). It will also see the return of PICTURE DISC VINYL to the Oi! fold as we re-issue 500 COPY pressings of LAST RESORT “A WAY OF LIFE – SKINHEAD ANTHEMS” (AHOY PDLP 1) as well as the seminal “PUNK’S NOT DEAD” (AHOY PDLP 601) by THE EXPLOITED. In fact we hope to have a couple of Picture Disc vinyl albums each month for the next few months with SLAUGHTER & THE DOGS “DO IT DOG STYLE” and U.K.SUBS “ANOTHER KIND OF BLUES” hopefully ready and released before Christmas.
BIG NEWS for this Captains Corner is that in OCTOBER we will be releasing the brand new studio album by COCK SPARRER. It’s called “HERE WE STAND” (AHOY CD 298) and we will be releasing it on vinyl as well as CD. The album – albeit that we’ve only heard the unmixed version – is absolutely brilliant, not one duff track amongst the 14. One song will be taken and released as a Limited Edition vinyl single – yes the 7” lives! The CD will be released in time for (and available at) the bands gig in WOLVERHAMPTON on NOVEMBER 3RD. Anyone looking for tickets – and we suggest you buy them in advance to avoid disappointment – should go to rebellionfestivals.com.
Two other releases due in OCTOBER are THE DICKIES “IDJIT SAVANT” / “DOGS FROM THE HARE THAT BIT US” (AHOY CD 299) which will gather up all of the bands recordings for the Triple X label, the first the bands studio album from 1994 and the second a covers set from three years later. Also due will be the all singing all dancing digi-pak version of THE LAST RESORT “A WAY OF LIFE – SKINHEAD ANTHEMS” which will have pretty much every essential track ever recorded by the band in their heyday – the “Violence In Our Minds” cassette single, compilation tracks from “Strength Thru Oi!” and “Carry On Oi!”, plus rare demos all added to the original LP’s track listing. No mess, no fuss, just pure impact!
Other NEW STUDIO ALBUMS in the pipeline are THE LURKERS, GOLDBLADE and ARGY BARGY all due either later this year or very early in 2008.”

Donnerstag, 02. August 2007
Mick Jones and Tony James from CARBON/SILICON have been in Townhouse Studio London with Bill Price - and mixed the four tracks for the next MCD “Magic Suitcase” and digital release which is due September 3.
Bill Price, Mick and Tony will be back in Metropolis Chiswick Studios for 2 weeks in August to mix the first full-length CD “The Last Post”. The release date will be October 1.

Donnerstag, 02. August 2007
THE CROWD, who signed to “TKO Records” are going to get the full TKO reissue treatment for the album “Letter Bomb” along with bonus tracks.
In the studio are The FORGOTTEN, SMOGTOWN & GLASS HEROES, who have all been recording new full lengths. Lars from RANCID is in with the boys from the FORGOTTEN, Rat Scabies of the DAMNED is helping the GLASS HEROES boys out and SMOGTOWN is with the OC faithful Jerry Adamo.