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Former Towers Of London guitarist The Rev has been collaborating with Sham 69's Jimmy Pursey. The pair have formed a band called DAY 21 with bassist Mat Sargent and ex-Towers drummer, Snell. The ex-Sham 69 singer spoke to The Rev after his stint with The Prodigy ended in February this year. “Jimmy had split with Sham 69 and asked me and Snell if we wanted to put something together,” says The Rev.
"We've been recording an album at Dean Street studios [where Bowie recorded 'The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars'], working at Olympic studios and we've been doing a few showcases around London, as well as a gig with The Ruts."
He added the new band were looking tour later this year are currently working on 15 tracks for their album. He also praised Pursey's songwriting.
"He's a cracking man and a fantastic songwriter. He's been around a while and he's got all the scars and the stories to prove it. There's no egos, even though Jimmy's been in one of the biggest punk bands," he explained.
"He's a great guy - Mad Uncle Jimmy we all call him. He's got all the energy of a 19-year-old punk and he's still going strong."
The Rev says DAY 21 chose their name simply due to when the band was formed.
"It was Jimmy's idea," he revealed, "It was the date he finished with Sham and we joined," said the guitarist. "I've got so much going on at the moment. I'm still in touch with The Prodigy and I'm putting my own club night on [Knees Up, Face Down] at 93 Feet East in London."

Vom 4. bis zum 7. September findet in Hamburg das zweite "Unerhoert Musikfilmfestival" statt. Gezeigt werden unter anderem die Dokumentationen "Blondie - One Way Or Another" von Matt O' Casey und "Joy Division" von Grant Gee.

EMI are releasing KILLING JOKE's 'The Peel Sessions '79-'81' on 8th September. This is the first time the tracks will be available on CD (and digital download), showing a raw sound and in some cases predating their studio recordings by some months. There are also 3 bonus tracks from a Richard Skinner session from the same period.

Manchester post punk pioneers MAGAZINE have reformed and are scheduled to play at Londons “Forum” on Feb 13th. No news on who is in this lineup as original guitarist John McGeoch passed away a few years ago.

LAG WAGON’S new CD/EP release "I Think My Older Brother Used To Listen To Lagwagon" will be out this week in Europe on Fat Wreck Chords.

LAG WAGON’S new CD/EP release "I Think My Older Brother Used To Listen To Lagwagon" will be out this week in Europe on Fat Wreck Chords.

A posthumous book of articles by legendary radio DJ JOHN PEEL is to be published later this year. 'The Olivetti Chronicles: Notes On Life, Music And Facial Hair' will include previously unpublished articles, and hits bookshelves on October 23.
The articles were personally selected by Peel's wife Sheila, and feature musings on Tubular Bells, Eurovision, shaving and the loss of virginity.
The book follows on from Peel's posthumous memoirs, 'Margrave Of The Marshes', which was published in 2005.

KEINE ZUKUNFT WAR GESTERN - jetzt zum Vorzugspreis vorbestellen!
Ab sofort kann das Buch ueber PUNK IN DEUTSCHLAND zum Vorzugspreis vorbestellt werden! Im Augenblick wird am Layout gebastelt und in ein paar Tagen geht das Teil dann in Druck! Das Erscheinungsdatum ist mit Oktober vom Verlag angegeben, aber mit ein bisschen Glueck kommt das Buch ein wenig frueher auf den Markt.
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Keine Zukunft war gestern - Punk in Deutschland 1976-?
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ISBN 978-3-940213-45-7
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Rumours of a possible HEART ATTACK (Ex-D GENERATION Jesse Malin´s first band from his hard-core teens) reunion for one night in September in New York have been spreading, stay tuned for details.

“Chunksaah Records” present for the first time on CD, the 25 year anniversary edition of ADRENALIN O.D.'s debut LP. It hits the streets on August 26th and is now available for pre-order!
The first disc of this 25 year anniversary edition features the 15 track remastered version of Wacky Hi-Jinks.The 33 track second disk includes the legendary debut EP Let's Barbeque, their first live session on WFMU's legendary Pat Duncan show, live tracks from City Gardens, as well as impossible to find compilation tracks. Includes a 12 age booklet with lyrics, rare photos and flyers, and liner notes by Jersey Beat's Jim Testa.
As an added bonus, preorders for this release will also include Phat N' Old - Live on WFMU. This 23 track live CD was recorded live on WFMU during A.O.D.'s 15th anniversary string of reunion shows. Offer good while supplies last. This disc was released on Lifetime's "Glue Records" label.

Es geht weiter..., ARTLESS spielen am 25. Oktober zusammen mit Eddie And The Hot Rods, TV Smith und The Boys im „ZaKK“ in Duesseldorf. Ausserdem am Samstag, den 27. Dezember auf dem diesjaehrigen „Punk im Pott“-Festival in der Turbinenhalle in Oberhausen, u.a. auch mit Blut & Eisen. Bei beiden Konzerten werden neben den alten Kloppern auch neue Lieder gespielt. Mit etwas Glueck ist dann auch schon das neue Album draussen, was allerdings z.Z. noch in Arbeit ist.

FACE TO FACE have announced that Danny Thompson (of The Uprising) has been recruited as the band's new drummer. He will be filling in for former drummer Pete Parada during the reunion dates.
Until this year, Face to Face had been defunct for five years. They got back together this past January for to perform at this spring's Bamboozle, and have continued to perform multiple live venues since. Face to Face also recently announced another run of reunion dates this fall.

The new reissue of the third RIVERDALES album "Phase Three", is going to be out on Asian Man Records on October 7th, 2008.
This album will feature five bonus tracks. Four are totally new, and one is a new arrangement and recording of the popular "Mental Retard" (which originally appeared on "Storm the Streets").

THE ADICTS classic album "Songs Of Praise" was released in the early 80s. 16 songs that have catchy melodies and lyrics, and often feature extra instruments and sound clips. It`s no overstatement to say that "Songs Of Praise" is one of the most important records in the history of punk. Now the band recorded their amazing first album a second time and will release this to celebrate the last 25 years via People Like You Records, too. Out at the end of august
(PRISON 161-1/2) LP/CD (Release Date: 22.08.2008)
(PRISON 162-1/2) LP/CD (Release Date: 22.08.2008)
"SONGS OF PRAISE" (ULTIMATE EDITION, both Recordings + Making Of Bonus DVD)
(PRISON 163-8) 2 Digipak CD + DVD (Release Date: 22.08.2008)

After changing its label and management, the BACKYARD BABIES will release its new, self-titled album on August 15 in Europe via AFM Records. Guitarist Dregen: "We have written the strongest songs we ever have written. And we will bang it on tape like it's the last recording ever. This album WILL have it all. You will laugh. You will cry. You will dance. You'll get high.”