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THE PIGS album ‘1977’ is now available to pre-order from the Bristol Archive Record Shop. Released on 4th October 2010 as a Limited Edition 500 Copies Vinyl Album. 100 Copies will have a special Limited Edition Insert featuring stories and exclusive pictures
Also for pre-order in the shop is the CD-Sampler ‘Avon Calling 2’. Released worldwide on 23rd August 2010.
Bristol Archive Records have give the platform to finally release AVON CALLING 2, a collection of previously unreleased recordings from the vaults of Bristols’ Heartbeat Becords. Featured bands include EUROPEANS, APARTMENT, SNEAK PREVIEW, JOE PUBLIC, 48 HOURS, ESSENTIAL BOP, THE DIRECTORS, THE X-CERTS and SOCIAL SECURITY.
This new album full of forgotten treasures will sit perfectly along side the original AVON CALLING release and go some way to completing the story of just what was happening in Bristol back in 1979/1980 and how the music sounds as relevant today as it did back then.
The CD versions of THE CORTNAS ‘Mk 1’ and THE PIGS ‘1977’ are available from the Record Shop too. These are highly collectable miniature versions of the album sleeves made by Sam Giles. They are strictly limited editions.

New Releases from Captain Oi! Records. September will see ‘The Singles Collection’ by SECRET AFFAIR. This will have all of the bands 45’s, A and B sides, plus the two singles they did as the New Hearts, 3 rare USA mixes of the singles and two brand new tracks by the group who are still going strong to this day.
One other further release for the end of the year is the brandnew U.K.SUBS album which is provisionally called ‘Work In Progress’. Charlie & Co. have recorded 16 tracks at Pat Collier (ex-Vibrators) studio in South London.

New Release from Only Fit For The Bin:


Original FEAR bassist Derf Scratch passed away on July 28th 2010 after a prolonged illness. Born Frederick Milner, Scratch played with the controversial Los Angeles punk act since the band's formation in 1977. He was a friend of the late John Belushi, a friendship that led to Fear's infamous appearance on Saturday Night Live. Scratch also appeared with Fear in the film ‘The Decline of Western Civilization’.

Todd Sampson, who fronted M.I.A. died early on 25. July 2010 at age 46 after being helped offstage toward the end of an M.I.A. show at the Black Door. The cause is unknown.
“He just started going down during the show,” said musician and close friend Rob Ruckus. “Backstage afterwards, he was totally burning up, kinda going out of it. We tried putting ice on his head, cooling him down with water ... we loaded him into the truck and got his breathing slowed down; he actually walked into his house on his own. But he started heating up again, and then he started hyperventilating, so we raced him to the hospital as fast as we could, but he stopped breathing on the way. When we got to the hospital there was no heartbeat.”
Following the 2008 death of longtime M.I.A. singer Conley, Sampson rejoined that band’s lineup. On June 11, the group played its first show in Las Vegas since 1985, with Sampson’s on the mic.

A new CD by GLEN MATLOCK & THE PHILISTINES, called ‘Born Running’ will be coming out on 20. September 2010. It featuring the late Steve New on guitar.

The original CHORDS line-up is back with a new single, ‘Another Thing Coming’ on Aspop Records. The band will touring the UK for two weeks this month.

The new FACE TO FACE album is titled ‘Laugh Now, Laugh Later’ and will be out this fall.