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New Releases From ONLY FOT FOR THE BIN:






A new FORGOTTEN REBELS album is almost finished and mixed. It is a live album, which consists 20 songs, with 2 new ones never before released! No release date yet!

Mick Jones and Paul Simonon of THE CLASH are working on a new biopic based on the recording of their classic 1979 album 'London Calling'.
The pair are working as executive producers for the film, which is being written by playwright Jez Butterworth, reports BBC News.
Alison Owen, mother of Lily Allen, is producing the film, along with Ruby Film And Television's Paul Trijbits.Cast details are yet to be announced. Shooting will begin in 2011.

A new biopic about JOE STRUMMER is also in the works. Film4 is backing the project, entitled ‘Joe Public’. Screenwriter Paul Viragh, who wrote Ian Dury biopic Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll, will be in charge of the script. No-one has been cast to play the lead role yet.


MICHAEL MONROE has confirmed a 13-date headline UK tour for April 2011; these shows will be in support of a brand new single & studio album, Monroe’s first for the Spinefarm Records UK label.
The album will be available on a number of different formats, including deluxe digi-pack with bonus DVD and limited edition coloured vinyl.
The first single/video from the album has been decided, however; it’s called “’78” (a homage to a year of great music and significant cultural happenings) and it will be available on February 21st 2011 on both digital download & coloured vinyl 7” complete with exclusive extra track.

Colston Hall is helping to raise the profile of music that has shaped the history of Bristol through a new partnership with a Bristol record label.
BRISTOL ARCHIVE RECORDS provides a unique history of Bristol’s diverse music scene from 1977 by digitally re-mastering and re-releasing often forgotten songs from bands like The Cortinas and Talisman. Colston Hall has joined forces with the label to help promote new releases and to sell records in the Hall’s foyer.
Label owner Mike Darby is dedicated to chronicling the music from Bristol’s early days of punk, reggae and rock by taking the original vinyl, 1/4 inch tape, dat’s and cassettes and re-mastering the music to make sure it doesn’t disappear with the permission and support of the bands and the original labels.
Mike said: 'We are thrilled to be working with Colston Hall to promote many of these forgotten works as for years the Hall’s varied programme of events has been a focal point for the Bristol music community. The relationship will give the people of Bristol a chance to hear some of the great bands of Bristol by buying their records and hopefully some of these great bands will reform and perform at Colston Hall.’
Graeme Howell, Director of Colston Hall, said: ‘As a high profile music venue it is very exciting to help make it possible for a new generation of Bristolians to learn about their musical heritage as well as making Bristol Archive Records’ great work visible to a wider audience.’

John Lydon has postponed the recording of PUBLIC IMAGE LTD's new album in order to mourn his stepdaughter, The Slits' Ari Up.
The singer, real name Arianna Forster, died of cancer on October 20 aged 48. Lydon has said he is not yet ready to return to music-making with the reunited post-punk band.
"We were going to go into the studio but in light of my stepdaughter's death I really can't be doing that at the moment," he told BBC News.
He added: "I don't want to leave my wife alone for any length of time right now. So the music side has had to be held."
Lydon said he feels the delay will ultimately benefit the album's sound, adding that his Public Image Ltd bandmates "all understand" his reasons.

Due for release om
“Captain Oi! Records” in 2010 is “Work In Progress” the brand new studio album by the U.K.SUBS. Co-produced by vocalist Charlie Harper and ex-Vibrators bassist Pat Collier.
Out now is the SECRET AFFAIR “The Mod Singles Collection” This is a 21 track round up of all of the bands singles plus three rare USA single mixes, both sides of the singles they released as the New Hearts and two brand new, previously unissued cuts. The booklet has really in-depth sleeve notes by Mod expert Chris Hunt with guitarist Dave Cairns having a full, hands on contribution as well.

Poly Styrene of X-RAY SPEX is set to release her debut solo. The singer will return with a free download, 'Black Christmas' on December 20, with the record following in March 2011. The album, 'Generation Indigo', was produced by Youth.
The download, which will not feature on the album, was written by Styrene and her daughter Celeste who features on the recording and is an anti-Christmas song inspired by news about a killer in Los Angeles who was dressing up as Father Christmas.

SOCIAL DISTORTION have officially announced the release of their new album ‘Hard Times And Nursery Rhymes’ due out January 18, 2011. The first single of the album “’Machine Gun Blues” is out since November as a download.

SLITS guitarist Viv Albertine has said that she and bassist Tessa Pollitt will release the band's "last ever" song as a tribute to frontwoman Ari Up
"Me and Tessa are going to release last ever Slits song 'Coulda Shoulda Woulda' from 1981 on cassette," she explained. "We will hand draw covers. A healing thing."
Paying tribute to Ari Up, Albertine wrote: "Ari's biggest gift to me was she made The Slits a safe place for a woman of any shape or size to be relaxed and free with her body. She celebrated womanliness, she revelled in it. She was so sensual on and offstage it was empowering to any girl who saw her. I'm not kidding. The way she carried herself was a revolution."
She added: "Throughout the last 30 years there were many people who tried to suppress and squash Ari. No-one succeeded. She was reviled, mocked and criticised for daring to be herself. She could not and would not be tamed. It scared people. It scared men. She was stabbed and attacked in the street so many times. For just emanating too much WILD STUFF."

The planned movie about IGGY POP, with former hobbit Elijah Wood playing Iggy, is no longer happening. Iggy himself put a stop to the biopic film, although a documentary about his life, directed by Jim Jarmusch, is still in the works.
About the scrapping of the film, Iggy told Australia's 'Triple J Radio': “It’s nothing against Elijah, and the script was OK, but they sort of wanted me to jump out of cakes and do promotional things and I didn’t really want to get involved. (Plus), I didn’t think it was time for someone else to tell our story because, inevitably, it’s not just my story, it’s everybody I worked with.”
“When I’m dead then people can do that to me (make a movie). If somebody did want to make a biopic of me, I think they should get Lindsay Lohan, actually. She looks like me and she’s the only one with enough attitude, too. They could tape her boobs up or something. She’s been in jail at the right age and everything, so I thought she could do it.”

BILLY IDOL is set to write his memoirs and see the autobiography, titled 'Dancing With Myself', published through Touchstone in about a year.
Idol commented, “Life gave me a golden key when I fell in love with rock n roll music. It was the key to the answer of how to live and achieve your dreams. This world opened up to me with all the good opportunities but also every temptation – the drugs, the booze, the women, the 24-hour around-the-clock excess. And yet you have to write good songs to survive. Life had to be lived to do all that! Now I’m putting it all down in book form – from the heart. I’m going out on a limb here, so watch my back.”

THE MACHINES ‘1978’ EP, originally released on Wax Records in 1978 and featuring the tracks 'True Life', 'Everythings Technical', 'You Better Hear' and 'Evening Radio' is being reissued on Japanese Label '1977 Records'. It will be a Limited Edition, 7" Vinyl Reissue. The planned release date is December 2010.

The first SKIDS DVD is out now! The DVD features footage of The Skids’ 2010 tour, which included a concert at the Alhambra Theatre as part of Celebrating Fife 2010.