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The CHERRY RED RECORDS group of labels has moved quickly to shore up its distribution in light of the collapse of Pinnacle, by agreeing a UK deal with Plastic Head Music Distribution, effective immediately.
Cherry Red, which was founded in 1978 by Iain McNay, also includes the Anagram, Cherry Pop, El, Esoteric, Revola, RPM and 7Ts labels within its roster.
Plastic Head director Steve Beatty says,”We have worked with Cherry Red in other capacities over the years and we have always hoped we that one day we would represent the label in the UK – and that time has now come, it’s been a long wait but one that has been worth it.
Beatty adds, “Cherry Red is a huge label with 45 new releases each month and well over 2,000 catalogue lines, which will add much to PHD’s ever increasing value as a UK market player. We at PHD look forward to not a new relationship, but an extension of an existing one to a new level.”
Cherry Red chairman McNay comments, “We have worked together and known each other for several years and it seems appropriate to expand our relationship with them. PHD is a solid, hard working independent distributor that understands labels like ours. They are proud of their independence and so are we.”

On March 17th NOFX: Backstage Passport will be available on DVD! This 2-disc set will include all 8 original episodes, plus over two hours of uncensored, never-before-seen bonus footage!

You can now see the BUZZCOCKS concert in Amsterdam at the “Paradiso” from 11. February on fabchannel. com/buzzcocks_concert.

The X-RAY SPEX deluxe double-CD edition comprises a total of 41 tracks. The first twelve tracks on Disc One make up the whole of X-Ray Spex’s superb 1978 album, “Germ Free Adolescents”. Also included are four single tracks, A&B sides plus seven tracks from BBC Peel Sessions from February and November of 1978.
Disc Two comprises a series of studio demos and rough mixes as well as two unreleased backing tracks. Release Date: 13. April 2009

THE PROFESSIONALS, the band that Sex Pistols Paul Cook and Steve Jones formed after the Pistols demise never really fufilled their potentional, splitting shortly after the 'Didnt See It Coming' album in 1981. Now it seems the band may get together later this year for more shows.

THE MEMBERS have recorded a new Single. “international Financial Crisis” is a new version of the Classic “Offshore Banking Business”. Produced By Dave Allen it will be available soon on iTunes.

Aachen´s NAZI DOGS haben einen Nachfolger fuer Gitarrist Dizl gefunden. Sein Name ist Jan „JDog“ Forster, 18 Jahre alt und kommt ebenfalls aus Aachen.
„Kids Union Records“ aus Shanghai/Peking wird im Mai fuer den asiatischen Markt die zweite full-length der Band mit dem Namen „Old Habits Die Hard“ veroeffentlichen.
Die Band ist nach wie vor auf der Suche nach einem Label in Europa oder den Staaten, um die Vinyl-Scheibe rauszubringen. (myspace.com/nazidogs)

DUAN PETERS GUNFIGHT album titled "Checkmate" will be released in mid March on Duane new Label “Indian Recordings”.

Wer frueher JOHN PEEL im Radio gehoert hat, sollte man ein Ohr in diese Show riskieren. Blue Fred's Radio Session - Radio Rheinwelle 92,5 live & livestream ***radio-rheinwelle.de/index.php?id=johnpeel *** next session *** 01.03.2009, und von da alle vier Wochen.

“Solitary”, the first all new PARASITES album in over a decade is out on “Kid Tested Records” (kidtestedrecords.com). In Japan it is coming out on “Inya Face Records”.
The album will also be released on vinyl in a few weeks on two different limited colors.
“Kid Tested Records” is also taking wholesale orders, so stores and small distros can send an email to
Two more CDs will be out in a few months on “Kid Tested Records”, that the Label working on right now, and a bunch more later in the year including the latest addition to the Kid Tested Records family, The Guts from New Hampshire, who will be recording a new full length soon.

At the request of SID VICIOUS mother, who committed suicide in 1996, rock author and punk expert ALAN PARKER has devoted himself to discovering WHO KILLED NANCY? By interviewing 182 people including close friends such as Don Letts and Glen Matlock and re-examining NYPD evidence, he reveals what he believes happened that night in room 100.
DVD EXTRAS: Bonus Stories; Alan G Parker's story, Recording of Fast track to Hell by Neon Leon, Opening of No One is Innocent at the Proud Gallery and outtakes. Release Date: 23. Feb. 2009

On 6th January 2009 it was announced that Dave Moore has left the FROM THE JAM to persue a business opportunity.
Due to illness of a close family member, the band have cancelled all live dates until summer 2009. FTJ hope to reschedule the U.S. dates sometime in the fall.

BRISTOL ARCHIVE RECORDS (February Updates / bristolarchiverecords.com):
“This month we have no new releases to report but we have taken the opportunity to up date the infrastructure of the site and include the start of a new section….
Bands 1982 onwards …. and we start with Strangelove, Maximum Joy, The Flatmates, Brilliant Corners, Claytown Troupe, Rip Rig and Panic, Third Eye Foundation and Mark Stewart and The Mafia. This will be a section dedicated to text only.
We have also included another section ‘VINYL RELEASES’ which will do exactly as it says, report on new Vinyl releases from the Bristol Archive. If you would like to receive information on these proposed releases please email – vinyl@bristolarchiverecords.com and merely put ‘TELL ME’ as a header. These releases will be strictly limited edition mail order only 300 – 500 copies max. We will let you know the first in the series very soon.
We have added 15 new mp3’s for your listening pleasure.
Simon Edwards the head of Heartbeat Records has now joined the label. This is a fantastic addition to the team having run his Heartbeat label from 1977 and also the now legendary Riot City Records. Simon brings a huge data base of previously unreleased material but also an in depth knowledge of Bristol music. Simon has been an inspiration to me for many years with his enthusiasm for the era 1977 – 1981 in particular.
We are currently awaiting a decision from The Cortinas on whether or not they want to accept an offer from Cherry Red/ Anagram Records to release The Cortinas Anthology on Cd. The proposed track listing would include on Cd 1 the two Step Forward Records singles and the CBS album ‘Heartache’. Cd 2 would include the two Bristol Archive albums ‘Please Don’t Hit Me’ and ‘For Fucks Sake Plymouth’.
We are in the very early stages of talking to a publisher about writing a book on the Bristol Archive which would include a fantastic picture history of the Bristol music scene 1977 to probably 1985. The book could also include a compilation Cd of the very best from Bristol Archive Records. We are currently looking to talk with various key photographers from this era who may well have great pictures to offer for inclusion. ( if you know of such people please get in touch and we will refer you to Mike Crawford who is heading up the project ) info@bristolarchiverecords.com
Releases already scheduled for 2nd March:
X-CERTS – ‘Fusing and Fighting’ Album
THE HARPOONS – ‘Tunnel Child’ Single
Releases already scheduled for 6th April:
BLACK FLAMEZ – ‘Live Jam’ Single
BLACK FLAMEZ – ‘Never You Change’ Single
DOMINICA – ‘Independence Fever’ Single
ELECTRIC GUITARS – ‘Health’ Single
ELECTRIC GUITARS – ‘Wolfman Tap’ Single
FELIX DC – ‘You Like What You See’ Single
HASWELL – ‘Prissy Miss Maybe’ Single
SWEET ENERGY – ‘Family Affair’ Singe
CREATURE BEAT – ‘She Won’t Dance’ Single
HEAD – ‘Bottled Vintage xxx’ Album
THE SPICS – ‘Midnight Girls’ Album
THE STINGRAYS – ‘Live At The Dug Out 1977’ Mini Album
Further material still currently being mastered and compiled includes:
THE PIGS – ‘1977’ Album
EUROPEANS – Live Album
Over and out!”

Steve Jones, the SEX PISTOLS guitarist and host of Jonesy's Jukebox, is looking for a new job because Indie 103.1, the radio station that employed him, is no longer broadcasting:
"Indie, that was my radio station, so to speak. I think people are starting to really miss it and realize how special it was. And for me, taking the job, it got me out of a rut that I was always in. I'm pretty much an isolated person. I'd rather stay home and play video games. For me to go somewhere every day, it was the best thing for me as a human. It got me away from the madness in my head."
"Wherever I go, I will still do my show the same; I wouldn't change it. I don't think I should, and I hope any of these people that are thinking of hiring me aren't going to try to mold me into something else. I'd be bored out of me brain. I'd last two weeks if they had me reading some nonsense. If you want someone to read a piece of paper, just hire someone else. There's loads of people that do that."
Jonesy says he'll only take jobs in NYC or LA. I just called my radio station, Live 105, and tried to get them to call Jonesy and hire him. But they said no.
And Jonesy also said he might go on tour with Iggy and the Stooges. That's pretty cool.

Epitaph head and Bad Religion guitarist/songwriter Brett Gurewitz has finished mixing on the RANCID upcoming album. It's set for a spring release

GREEN DAY have announced the name and rough release date of their new album. A posting on the band's official website Greenday.com revealed that the album - called '21st Century Breakdown' - will be released this May.
The album, Green Day's eighth, is split into three 'acts' - 'Heroes And Cons', 'Charlatans And Saints' and 'Horseshoes And Handgrenades'.

Die THE BOTTROPS haben soeben mit einem Sack voll neuer Songs das Studio verlassen! Die Platte ist fertig! Im April dann wohl die CD auf Destiny-Records und die LP auf Rookie Records.

The personal possessions of THE CLASH's former guitarist Mick Jones are set to go on display at a London exhibition starting this March.
'The Rock And Roll Public Library' is billed as Jones' personal take on the O2 Arena's British Music Experience exhibition.
Jones' collection will go on show at London's Chelsea Space from March 18 until April 18.
Among the items on show are customised stage clothes, instruments, flight cases, records, amplifiers and recording gear, posters, books, boxes of correspondence and song lyrics.
Jones will also display books, magazines, videos, ephemera, toys and games collected throughout his life.
The guitarist said he plans to make the collection freely available in the future.

The BELFAST PUNK DVD “A Riot Down The Lane” has finally been released and features 6 years worth of material adding up to 2 hours worth of locally created raging, high energy punk rock music, humour and general idiocy. 40 tracks of live footage from Belfasts current crop of spiky tops.
Only £7.00 including P&P. Contact Billy Riot: billyriot@hotmail.com

The Times: "SEX PISTOL sends Dairy Crest butter sales soaring. Dairy Crest has hailed an 85 per cent rise in its spreadables business on a leap in its butter sales thanks to John Lydon, also known as Johnny Rotten, the lead singer of the Sex Pistols. The company said that the jump in sales volumes of its spreadables in the third quarter to December 31, 2008 was helped by its £5 million advertising campaign featuring Mr Lydon's promotion of its Country Life butter. In the television advert the punk legend, dressed in country tweeds, says: "It's not about Great Britain, it's about Great Butter." Dairy Crest had issued a profit warning in November but, announcing its results today, it said that trading had steadied because of strong performances by some of its key brands.
Sex Pistols' John Lydon has apparently helped to revive sales of the butter brand Country Life.
The punk frontman has been appearing in TV adverts for its makers Dairy Crest, who have claimed that the brand’s sales have risen by 83 per cent, reports Reuters.
Lyndon has appeared in a series of adverts with the slogan "It’s all about great butter."
The advert received heavy criticism from some fans - for Lydon apparently selling out his punk values.

Lux Interior: October 21, 1946 - February 4, 2009
Lux Interior, the gloriously untamed frontman of garage punk psychoids THE CRAMPS, passed way yesterday in Glendale Memorial Hospital in Glendale, California, as the result of a pre-existing heart condition.
The Cramps, who formed in 1973, were instrumental in popularising the forgotten weirdness of early moonshine rockabilly, garage punk and lascivious ’50s R&B. Interior (born Erick Lee Purkhiser), along with his fellow Cramp, and partner for 37 years, Poison Ivy, became de-facto curators of bizarro American pop culture, from sci-fi movies to Tiki culture and it was this unholy mix of rock’n’roll energy and backwoods American lunacy that The Cramps injected into the American music scene during their time served on the downtown New York punk scene of CBGB and Max’s Kansas City in the mid ’70s.
"Lux was a fearless frontman who transformed every stage he stepped on into a place of passion, abandon, and true freedom. He is a rare icon who will be missed dearly," The Cramps' publicist said in an official statement.
The Cramps have remained active throughout the past three decades, with Interior and Poison Ivy anchoring the line-up while other members changed.

It seems the new team of PUNK AID are currently planning for the 10th Anniversary fest for 2010. Though its early days in this current climate time is of the essence and so the team are planning this now and already with some big names lined up.

SONNY VINCENT (sonnyvincent. com - New York City’s original Punk Rock icon rocks across Europe.) Touring from 20/5/09 to 19/6/09 – booking now - contact manny@telenet.be