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Mick Jones and Tony James are not looking back at their glorious past with nostalgia but enthusiastically embarking on a new rock and roll adventure with their latest band CARBON/SILICON.
Jones, 53, founding member and guitarist of seminal punk act THE CLASH, and James, 50, co-founder of the GENERATION X, have been friends for over 30 years.
In 2002, the pair got together and started making music in a home studio, giving it away on the Internet as free downloads.
This built a following and as their popularity grew, their new band Carbon/Silicon -- a reference to human intelligence enhanced by computers -- became a full fledged band.
Drummer Dominic Greensmith and bassist Leo "Easykill" Williams feature alongside Jones and James, who play guitar. Last year's "The Last Post" was their first commercially available album and they are recording a follow-up: "The Carbon Bubble”.

The Loved Ones EP titled “Distractions” will be released Feb 3rd 2009.

He was one of the Manchester music scene's most admired - and most outspoken - figures. So it's only fitting that the late great TONY WILSON should continue to spark a bit of controversy with the release of his forthcoming life story.
For The Diary can reveal that not one but two versions of the life and times of the former Factory Records boss will be vying for space on the book shelves this summer.
Tony's partner of 17 years, Yvette Livesey, has co-operated exclusively with one volume about the former Factory Records boss, while his son Oliver is working with Stockport-born journalist Paul Morley on a rival.
First off the blocks, You're Entitled To An Opinion - The Lives and Times of Tony Wilson, is already available to order via Amazon. Author David Nolan didn't want to say too much about the book, but confirms that the volume is set for a summer release.
"The book is called `You're Entitled To An Opinion - The Life And Times of Tony Wilson' and people will be entitled to an opinion about it, but I suggest they wait and read it first," says Nolan, whose previous work includes a biography of New Order's Bernard Sumner.
"It's been written in conjunction with Yvette, who has been particularly helpful," he adds. "I've interviewed more than 50 people so far and there's some powerful and hard-hitting stuff."
One nice touch is that a donation will be made to Christie Hospital - where the broadcaster and music mogul passed away in August 2007 - for every copy sold.
Yvette confirms that she has only co-operated with one book about her late partner and that it was a difficult thing to do so soon after his death.
"But I think it's best that the truth is known," says Yvette, who knows Nolan from when she worked alongside him at Manchester's Piccadilly radio.
"I gave David an interview and it is the only one I will be giving, but it is very much his book. It includes how me and Tony met and where we met."
Nipping in the bud any talk about potential family rivalries, Yvette says her late partner would have been happy that at least two books - and possibly more - are nearing completion.
"There are a number of books being written but they are all being produced from different perspectives," Yvette adds. "Tony was never really interested in writing an autobiography and would have been happy that a number of other people wanted to write about him. He was a journalist at the end of the day."

ARTLESS haben keine Kosten und Muehen gescheut um nun endlich eine DVD herauszubringen. Die DVD beinhaltet das Konzert im Oberhausener „Druckluft“ vom Mai 2008. Ausserdem ein Interview mit der Band in der neuen Besetzung. Fuer 8,00 EUR zu beziehen ueber: myspace.com/donnerwetter1

DAY 21, the new band from Jimmy Pursey have the track “Havin' it Rock n Roll” mp3 now available by PayPal on day21.tv free.html
The band will be in Brighton next week, putting together the final mixes to the forthcoming “4.10am” Album.

The actor who played Gollum in Peter Jackson's 'Lord Of The Ring''s films is set to play IAN DURY in a forthcoming biopic of the iconic singer's life.
Andy Serkis, who also starred in Jackson's 2005 remake of 'King Kong', said filming for the production is set to begin in April.
He told Cinema Blend that playing the role of Dury, who suffered from polio and walked with the aid of a stick, is something he's looking forward to.
"He's an amazing character, a real poet. He sort of came up out of the British pub rock scene. He sort of pre-empted the Sex Pistols and the whole punk movement," he said.
"And he was a polio sufferer, so he basically didn't have much use of his left leg or his left arm. The chance of being any kind of rock star is like zero [back then]. He was one of the first disabled punk rockers ever. I'm really looking forward to that."
Dury died in 2000, aged 57, after suffering from cancer.

Blur's Alex James has revealed he, JOE STRUMMER and artist Damien Hirst once turned down the chance to sign Coldplay. The three, who ran a short-lived record label in the late '90s, went to see the band but weren't impressed. "We all thought they were ordinary and passed on them," James said, adding, "Then again, I still think Coldplay are a fairly ordinary band.”

The BUZZCOCKS have spoken to the News of the World newspaper to take about their history and that they plan to write a new album, due out before the end of the year. Guitarist Steve Diggle explained, “We’re still here trying to make real music for real people,” insists Steve. “In fact, I feel more fire now than I did when I was 20. What’s the alternative? Snow Patrol and Coldplay? They’re not rock revolutionaries — they’re Blue Peter presenters with guitars. You tend to be so busy writing, recording and playing gigs that you don’t appreciate how much impact your music is having. It wasn’t until Bruce Springsteen told me how much our music meant to him that I began to think about that stuff.”
“It’s crucial for us to keep going forward. Some people like to remember the past. Me? I like to say, ‘Remember the future’.”
Touring the UK in January and Europe in February and March, its expected the band will start writing the highly anticipated new album when they return.

Old T.S.O.L photos for book project. The band don't need originals. Everything will be copied and credited to the owner/photographer. Go to: MySpace.com/TSOL

BRISTOL ARCHIVE RECORDS (BristolArchiveRecords.com) had just uploaded 6 tracks from the amazing GARDEZ DARKX. 5 Tracks are from a recently unearthed GBH STUDIO Demo session recorded in 1978 by Steve Street. The tracks are being mastered ready for release asap
And from THE PIGS comes in the near future a CD called “1977”, that incl. the EP previously released in 1977 on New Bristol Records and all 13 tracks recorded from the same session.

The new vinyl single from RADIO DEAD ONES is a joint release on WANDA Records and TRUE REBEL Records, and is coming out pretty soon. The master's been sent out to the pressing.
The single, called "Gambian Bumsters", containes of the same titled track (from the s/t full length that's been released last spring), plus two previously unreleased tracks and a live recording of “Take It On Trust”.

LONDON are back! More than 30 years since the band played their last gig at the Marquee in Wardour Street, Steve Voice and Riff Regan have reformed the band with new guitarist Hugh O’Donnell and new drummer Colin Watterston.
The first London gig was at the 12 Bar Club in Denmark Street in February 2008 and the band been playing all over the place ever since.
They are returning to the studio to record new material for CD/DVD release this year.

IGGY POP has contacted “Mojo Magazine” to reflect on the life and times of fallen Stooges’ guitarist Ron Asheton, whose death, at the age of 60, was confirmed on January 6.
The frontman admitted to being overwhelmed by Asheton’s tragic passing.
“It did seem as though he’d always be here,” agreed Iggy on the subject of Ron’s glowering presence. “Although this person was very fragile and I knew it, there was something eternal about him. He also had an eternal guitar style. It wasn’t really American muscle rock. It wasn’t R&B. It was so unique, they had to come up with a different way of describing it.”
Iggy also reflected on his 45-year relationship with Asheton, recalling his desire to form a band with him in the pre-Stooges days.
“I was a big, big fan of his even before he picked up the guitar,” commented Iggy. “I’d seen him play bass and I’d watched the way his fingers moved. He had that scuzzy, slightly ill/sensitive, unencumbered-by-musculature look that all good musicians should have. I thought, This guy would not look or sound out of place in the Stones, Kinks or Pretty Things. This guy’s got something that’s beyond just a local cover band.”
During the course of an hour-long conversation, Iggy also confirmed that he, Ron and drummer Scott Asheton had plans to record a follow-up to 2007’s The Weirdness for which material had already been written.
Iggy’s full tribute to Ron Asheton appears in the next issue of MOJO on sale on January 28.

GARY KURFIRST, the long-time manager of the Ramones, Talking Heads, Big Audio Dynamite and B52s and Live, passed away on January 13. He was 60.
Legendary label executive Seymour Stein paid tribute to Kurfirst saying: "Gary was brilliant in his ability to spot changes in music ahead of most people and had the courage to act on his instincts. Gary was tough, but not cut-throat in business. He could fight hard, but fair and never held grudges. Gary had great style.”

A TRASH BRATS DVD is currently in production and is expected to be released in the Spring of 2009 by AmberVillain Films. The reunion show at Smalls was filmed and this will be the centerpiece of the DVD.
This is where the fans can contribute and be part of this project. AmberVillain Films is looking for fans to share stories and be interviewed about the Trash Brats. About the first Trash Brats show or the favorite songs. Any old photos or video of the classic lineup of Brian, Ricky, Toni, and TT(Troy) are welcome, also pictures from the reunion night at Smalls or the New Years Eve show in Indianapolis.
Please contact: info@ambervillain.com

Due to some 'inaccuracy's' in the liner notes, THE SKIDS “The Absolute Game” was recalled from “Captain Oi! Records” in November. The album is now from this week available.
The band’s biggest selling album has been given the full Captain Oi! Treatment complete with lyrics, wonderful sleeve notes by Tim Barr and of course a stack of bonus tracks, including the seminal “Strength Thru Joy” freebie LP. This is a release that the label had tons of requests for over the years and should further show that Captain Oi! always take on board the ideas sent to by the people that really matter, the ones that buy the records!
Coming up in February, Captain Oi! will have brand new, remixed and revamped, reissues of two rare COCK SPARRER albums, “Guilty As Charged” and “Two Monkeys”.

THE REZILLOS have released their first single in 30 years, No 1 Boy. You can downliad the song at:
Buy the thing, put on your listening kilt, and dance, fuckers, dance !
townsend-records.co.uk/product. php?pId=1000146&pType=6
and you can watch the video here:

“Invasion U.S.A.” is the title of the new RIVERDALES CD, which will be released July 14th, 2009 on “Asian Man Records”.

PENETRATION reformed in 2001 after a 22 year break and have done select gigs over the last few years. From their first recording sessions since reforming, it’s a 7” featuring two new tracks ‘Our World’ and ‘Sea Song’, released on “Damaged Goods Records”. The first 500 copies are on red vinyl. They are currently working on their new album which will be out sometime in 2009.

Als 14jaehrige Punk-Goere bruellte Sara Schaer vor 30 Jahren «Zueri braennt» ins Mikrofon und lieferte der Jugendbewegung der 80er damit unfreiwillig Soundtrack und Titel fuer deren legendaeren Propagandafilm in der Schweiz. Wie viele andere war auch dieser Punk-Song nie auf CD erhaeltlich. Nun ist eine CD mit den fruehen TNT-Produktionen in Japan erschienen. Die heutige Karate-Instruktorin Sara Schaer erzaehlt von ihrem bekanntesten Song und vom grossen Missverstaendnis dahinter.
Hier geht’s zum Video: sf.tv/sf1/kulturplatz

DUANE PETERS is back in action with his new record label, “Indian Recordings”. He is also currently in the studio with the Gunfight recording.
He hope to have the New Duane Peters Gunfight recordings (vinyl, Digital, and CD) available in February 2009.
In addition, He planned for the new year the Old Scars and Upstarts Sampler Vol. 6 and some GG Allin stuff.
Go to: indianrecordings.com

Gus Chambers passed away at the age of 52 on October 13, 2008. He was singer with the Coventry punk band SQUAD - having stepped into the shoes of Terry Hall who left to join the Specials.

A new book, entitled "Ramones: Interviews", about New York´s punk pioneers is available since January 5, 2009.
The book starts with the band's earliest publicized moments back in 1975 and ends with a series of candid reflections from its principle members prior to their untimely deaths.
Exhilarating, gripping, funny and brilliantly honest, these media interactions – compiled and edited by music writer John D. Luerssen – allow the members of genre pioneers THE RAMONES the opportunity to tell their unique, unforgettable story.
The GREEN DAY Bassplayer Mike Dirnt has this to say about their influence: "My respect has and will always be there for the Ramones, the band that showed me that simple songs and a simple life could make you happy.”
ISBN: 978-0-557-03897-8 / Published through Lulu.com from Rock Reader Books.

The german label “Still Unbeatable Records” was launched in 2008 to release lost and forgotten material by 77´Punk/Powerpop bands from the late seventies.
After the first two releases, Innocent Bystander/Affairs Of The Heart by THE STIFFS and Jimmy Brown/Walk My Dog/I Love Me by THE BOYS, the label is working on further releases, so keep visiting the website for news: still-unbeatable-records.de

The Stooges' Ron Asheton (1948-2009)
Ron Asheton, the guitarist and bassist with THE STOOGES, has been found dead at his home on January 6. He was 60. Initial reports suggest that Asheton died of a heart attack, although the cause of death is yet to be officially confirmed.
IGGY POP has responded to news of bandmate Ron Asheton’s death. “I am in shock,” notes the Stooges singer. “He was my best friend.”
A statement attributed to “the Stooges, Management and Crew” is slightly more fulsome. It runs...
“We are shocked and shaken by the news of Ron’s death. He was a great friend, brother, musician, trooper. Irreplaceable. He will be missed.
“For all that knew him behind the façade of Mr Cool & Quirky, he was a kind-hearted, genuine, warm person who always believed that people meant well even if they did not.
“As a musician Ron was The Guitar God, idol to follow and inspire others. That is how he will be remembered by people who had a great pleasure to work with him, learn from him and share good and bad times with him.”
Ron Asheton R.I.P. (1948-2009)

Ron Asheton R.I.P. (1948-2009)

State papers released after thirty years reveal that the Irish government saw the SEX PISTOLS as such a significant threat to "Irish morals" that the band was targetted for investigation at the highest levels of the Irish government.
The Sex Pistols were once considered such a threat to the fabric of Irish society that legal action was considered at the highest levels, it has emerged.
Law enforcers the Garda Síochána were particularly concerned by the title and content of their album 'Never Mind The Bollocks'.
An official garde memo questioned whether the band’s debut broke the country’s once rigid censorship laws. It read: “The title on the sleeve… would indicate that the contents of the record is obscene.”
On referral to Ireland’s censorship board, the Irish Deputy Assistant Chief State Solicitor suggested that the album might contravene the Indecent Advertisements Act, which could have resulted in a fine for any record stores carrying it.
But the officer advised the garda to be lenient: "However, the penalty on conviction cannot exceed IR£2 and in all circumstances you may feel that prosecution is not called for."
In the end, the threat was not carried out after Virgin Records successfully defended a British obscenity charge.

ALAN PARKER has finished his film, based on his book on the life and crimes of SID VICIOUS. Looks like it will hit the english screens in Feb.

Italian´s great punk rock band THE VALENTINES are in the studio and recording a couple of tracks.

The documentary SID VICIOUS: MY WAY culled from footage of the ITN's extensive archives to mark the 30th anniversary of the legendary Sex Pistols' bassist's death, It is a candid look into the artist's life, destructive relationship with Nancy Spungen and the legacy he left in his wake.
With new interviews from Jah Wobble, Steve Severin, Vivien Westwood and the Bromley contingent, the New York punk scene, Sid s closest friends and previously unseen footage. This special collector s pack features a luxury fabric wallet, with a Vicious zip puller, DVD documentary, plus a 10 track audio CD of Sid live in New York s biography, and a booklet profile by best-selling music author Mark Paytress.
Release Date: 19. January 2009


THE REZILLOS have been confirmed to record a Maida Vale session with Mark Lamarr for BBC Radio 2. Recording will take place in February, featuring four songs plus a bonus track which will be available for download on Mark's BBC web page.
The release date for their brandnew song “No1 Boy” is now January 12. At first it will be only able to download the song at: townsend-records.co.uk

The new T.S.O.L. record, titled “Life, Liberty & The Pursuit of Free Downloads”, to mark the band´s 30th anniversary, is finished. The band recently announced that it will be a free release. Hurley is the corporate force behind the band's venture into digital distribution. It will be put up on Hurley.com/tsol in early January.

Mike Peters from THE ALARM is the new frontman of Los Mondo Bongo. He is joining Mescaleros Pablo Cook and Smiley who together with Derek Forbes of Simple Minds and Steve Harris complete the bands lineup. The band are celebrating the music of Joe Strummer.
Plans are to play dates in US/Canada in early March as well as a couple of warm up gigs in Scotland in late February. Also a South American Tour taking in Brazil, Argentina and Chile is also lined up.

SEX PISTOLS bassist Glen Matlock has said his band are considering record a new album.
He told that, while reports that they were recording new material in the last summer were wide of the mark, there is a possibility they could hit the studio in 2009.
"The Sex Pistols? We've done our bit this year…we'll meet again in the new year and see what we want to do," he explained.
"We were not recording a new album - I think that journalists are making it up, but you can never say never," he added.
"We all got ideas between us. It's a double-edged sword if you do it not good as the original, and if you don't do it people want to know why - but it's up to us. We are the masters of our own destiny."

A benefit show celebrating the life of Clash frontman JOE STRUMMER was taken place in London last month, on the eve of the annivesary of Joe´s death, December 21.
The show saw live performances from The Rotten Hill Gang, The Riff-Raff, Dan Smith and The Savage Nomads as well as DJs.
In the audience were Mick Jones, Robin Banks, Kris Needs and Julien Temple.
The fundraiser at The Tabernacle venue in West London raised money for the Strummerville Foundation, a charity that "aims to create new opportunities for aspiring musicians" and which was set up by Strummer's widow Lucinda shortly after his death in 2002.

To coincide with MAGAZINE’s first UK tour since 1981, EMI announce the release of a definitive, double-anthology, CD retrospective of the band’s highly-influential career, including singles and b-sides.
Release Date: 09 February

NAKED RAYGUN is set to begin recording their first new album since 1990's Raygun…Naked Raygun.

Mike Ness has discussed plans for the next SOCIAL DISTORTION record, the follow up to 2004's Sex, Love and Rock’n’Roll”.

The ONLY ONES are set to reissue their three studio albums, remastered and expanded with previously-unreleased material, on February 2.
The albums, 'The Only Ones' (originally released in 1978), 'Even Serpents Shine' (1979) and 'Baby's Got A Gun' (1980), will each come with three bonus tracks on the end of the original album tracklisting.

Factory Records boss TONY WILSON was last month posthumously awarded the freedom of Manchester by city councillors.
Wilson, who died of a heart attack in 2007 aged 57 after battling cancer, is the first person to be presented with the Roll Of Honour after his death.
Wilson's name has been inscribed in the Manchester Town Hall, appearing next to that of Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson, who in 1999 was the last person to be given the honour. Wilson was a huge Manchester United fan throughout his life.
Councillors agreed unanimously to honour Wilson following his death.
Council leader Sir Richard Leese said of Wilson: "Although he will continue to be much missed for his loyalty, his creativity, his drive and his enthusiasm - both by the city and by all those who knew him - this inscription will ensure that he is not forgotten and that future generations will continue to remember him and all that he did."
Wilson's former partner Yvette Livesey, along with his children Oliver and Izzy (pictured) and Durutti Column drummer Bruce Mitchell, unveiled the inscription.

GREEN DAY’s Billie Joe Armstrong has hinted that their forthcoming new Butch Vig-produced album could take a "power pop" direction.
He did not reveal song titles or details of the songs they are currently working on in the studio, but name-checked The Creation, The Who, The Beatles, Cheap Trick and The Jam as possible influences.
Billie Joe: “I really like fucking with arrangements. I always try to look at the possibilities of how you write power-pop music.
How do you take something - and it could be anything from The Creation and The Who to The Beatles to Cheap Trick to The Jam - and try to expand on the idea of what is supposed to be three-chord mayhem?
How do you do it in a way where the arrangements are just unpredictable? So I'm pushing myself to be progressive in songwriting and being a songwriter."
He went on to discuss working with Vig, who produced Nirvana's seminal grunge album 'Nevermind' in 1991. "He doesn't take for granted what we have here [in the studio]," he said, "but he uses everything to the best of his knowledge and the best of his ability.
"I mean, he gets psyched on a fucking microphone! That's inspiring. That's amazing. He's not a cheerleader type of producer; he's just a very hard-working, straightforward guy.
"He's very Midwestern, too. For example, he'll turn around when you're working on something and just go, 'That's badass.' And you're like, 'What do you mean, 'badass?' Is that more bad, or is it, like, ass?'"

MARKY RAMONE has claimed that despite rumours, producer Phil Spector never held a gun to the band's heads while they were recording their 1980 album, 'End Of The Century'.
According to rumours Spector held the band hostage at gunpoint during fraught recording sessions, Marky has attempted to quash the rumours.
"There were no guns pointed at anybody," he said. "They [guns] were there but he had a license to carry.
"He never held us hostage. We could have left at any time. We had the keys.”
Marky talked also about the clash in political ideals he had with his bandmates, describing Johnny and Dee Dee Ramone as "fanatics".
He said, "I'm a Democrat, Joey was a Democrat. Johnny and Dee Dee were staunch, avid right wing conservative fanatics. Our political views were definitely different."

TURBONEGRO-Gitarrist Euroboy hat nach seiner erfolgreichen Krebs-Therapie verkuendet, demnaechst mit Happy Tom ein neues Album in Angriff zu nehmen.

The COCKNEY REJECTS are currently looking for finance for their movie based on the life and times of the band. To tell their story from the streets of customhouse to the stages of Top of the Pops its sure to be a great tale. The band have just been playing in Japan. Former Sounds magazine journo and TV pundir Garry Bushell is writing the script. For more info check out: cockneyrejects.eu

The Julien Temple directed documentray on Canvey Island rockers DR FEELGOOD is apparently now complete. Compiled from hours of live footage and interviews with all the bands members through the years it promises to be a great insight into one of the UKs greatest ever rock n roll bands. Expect a release in mid 2009.

Missing MANIC STREET PREACHERS guitarist Richey Edwards has been declared as presumed dead, a band spokeswoman confirmed.
The Welsh musician disappeared 13 years ago, at the age of 27. Despite alleged sightings across the world, many believe Edwards, whose car was found near the Severn Bridge, took his own life.
His parents Graham and Sherry Edwards have now been granted a court order for him to be declared presumed dead, Manic Street Preachers publicist Terri Hall said.
Ms Hall said the move was "hugely emotional" for remaining band members James Dean Bradfield, Nicky Wire and Sean Moore.
"This is the parents' choice and the band is happy to go with what the parents decide is best. We all dream Richey will come back one day. You hope he is still around somewhere. But it is no longer a realistic hope and if this offers some kind of closure then the band will be content with that."
Edwards, also a lyricist for the band, was last seen in London on February 1, 1995.
It is believed Edwards, who became notorious for carving "4 Real" into his arm to demonstrate he was a serious artist, returned to his Cardiff flat.
He then drove to the original Severn Bridge, where his car was later found.

DAY 21, the new band with JIMMY PURSEY and two guys from TOWERS OF LONDON have a full length album recorded. First it will be on download and hopefully asap on CD.

The Live-DVD/CD from the X-RAY SPEX show at London´s “Roundhouse” last September is now finished. This will be a special 30 year celebration release. Anybody interested in the first limited edition run direct from the band please register at: symond@concretejunglefestivals.com

Alternative Tentacles was very pleased to announced THE SUBHUMANS "Death Was Too Kind" on September 30, in both, CD and LP formats.
Included are the first single from 1978, the self-titled EP from 1979, the second single from 1979, and two bonus tracks that were retrieved from a 1981 demo session to round out the history of the original band's first era and first lineups.
All the tracks were lovingly retrieved from the best sources, and painstakingly remastered for your listening pleasure. The last two tracks were previously released on the 1996 CD collection "Pissed Off ... With Good Reason" (which has long been unavailable), but these versions were remixed from the original multi-track tapes, and might almost qualify as "previously unreleased" if you're generous.

Frank Navetta, founding member and guitarist for the DESCENDENTS passed away on October 31, 2008.

Am 03. Oktober 2008 ist Thomas Schiffers gestorben, der frueher als Bassist bei S-Chords, Stunde-X und anderen Duesseldorfer Power Pop Formationen gespielt hat.