P-L-A-Y-L-I-S-T  O-F  T-H-E  W-E-E-K (34/10):
BIS – ‘Dead Wrestlers’ (V.A.: ‘Lookout! Freakout Episode 2’ CD)
CRISIS – ‘Holocaust’, ‘PC 1984’, ‘No Town Hall’, ‘White Youth’ (‘We Are All Jews And Germans’ DoCD)
THE DAMNED – ‘Eloise’ (‘Eternally Damned’ CD)
FISHER-Z – ‘Marliese’ (‘Red Skies Over Paradise’ CD)
GLEN MATLOCK & THE PHILISTINES – ‘Sound Of Swinging London’ (‘Open Mind’ CD)
MEGA CITY FOUR – ‘Stop’ (‘Sebastopol Rd.’ CD)
THE MEMBERS – ‘Working Girl’ (‘Uprhythm, Downbeat’ CD)
THE MESSENGERS – ‘It’s Up To You’, ‘Between The Lies’ (s/t CD)
THE RECORDS – ‘Starry Eyes’ (‘The Best Of The Records’ CD)
THE RIFFS – ‘Streets Of Tomorrow’ (‘Underground Kicks’ CD)
THE ROBOTS – ‘Mary Lou’ (V.A.: ‘Gotta Do The Rockin’ Vol.2’ CD)
SEX PISTOLS – ‘Schools Are Prisons’ (‘Pirates Of Destiny’ CD)
SOUP DRAGONS – ‘Hang-Ten!’, ‘Whole Wide World’, ‘I Know Everything’, ‘Head Gone Astray’, ‘So Sad (I Feel)’ (‘Hang-Ten!’ CD)


P-L-A-Y-L-I-S-T  O-F  T-H-E  W-E-E-K (33/10):
BEAM ME UP, SCOTTY – ‘Know Your Name’ (V.A.: ‘Teenage Rebel...Fun + Glory’ CD)
THE CHRONICS – ‘Test Tube Baby’ (7inch, MP3-track)
CONVICTED – ‘Action Fun’ (7inch EP, MP3-track)
DAVE GOODMAN AND FRIENDS – ‘Justifiable Homicide’ (V.A.: ‘After The Anarchy’ CD)
DOW JONES & THE INDUSTRIALS – ‘Can’t Stand The Midwest’ (7inch, MP3-track)
THE FEATURES – ‘Floozie Of The Neighborhood’ (‘Floozie Of The Neighborhood’ LP, MP3-track)
FIRST STEPS – ‘Anywhere Else But Here’ (7inch, MP3-track)
THE FLAKES – ‘She’s So Natural’ (7inch, MP3-track)
GOD’S LONELY MEN – ‘Heaven Sent You’ (‘All This And More’ LP, MP3-track)
JOHNNY THUNDERS – ‘London Boys’ (V.A.: ‘After The Anarchy’ CD)
LAST GANG – ‘Continuity Breakout’ (MP3-track)
THE M’n’Ms – ‘I’m Tired’ (7inch, MP3-track)
MOSS POLES – ‘Underground’ (7inch, MP3-track)
NO CRISIS – ‘She’s Into The Scene’ (‘Everything+’ CD)
THE PROFESSIONALS – ‘1,2,3’, Join The Professionals’ (V.A.: ‘After The Anarchy’ CD)
PSYCHO SURGEONS – ‘Wild Weekend’ (7inch, MP3-track)
PUBLIC IMAGE LTD. – ‘Public Image’ (V.A.: ‘After The Anarchy’ CD)
RANDOMS – ‘Let’s Get Rid Of New York’ (7inch, MP3-track)
SPERMBIRDS – ‘A Columbus Feeling’ CD
TOT ROCKET & THE TWINS – ‘Time To Waste’ (‘Television Rules’ LP, MP3-track)


P-L-A-Y-L-I-S-T  O-F  T-H-E  W-E-E-K (32/10):
ABH – ‘Geoffrey (Who Wants To Listen To Punk Rock)’ (7inch, MP3-track)
THE AVENGERS – ‘We Are The One’, ‘The American In Me’, ‘White Nigger’, ‘Uh-Oh’ (‘The American In Me’ CD)
BILL MASON BAND – ‘Out On The Streets’ (7inch, MP3-track)
BILLY KARLOFF BAND – ‘Backstreet Billy’ (7inch, MP3-track)
BROKEN BOTTLES – ‘Generation USA’ (‘Hospital’ CD)
THE BUZZ – ‘Insanity’ (7inch EP, MP3-track)
CYBERMEN – ‘Cybernetic Surgery’ (7inch EP, MP3-track)
D GENERATION – ‘Helpless’, ‘Every Mother’s Son’, ‘Hatred’, ‘Rise & Fall’, ‘Good Ship Down’, ‘So Messed Up’, ‘Cornered’ (‘Through The Darkness’ CD)
FUTURE BODIES – ‘Terrorist’ (7inch, MP3-track)
GENERATION X – ‘K.M.D. – Sweet Revenge’ CD
THE GENERATORS – ‘Ninety Nine’ (‘Ninety Nine’ MCD)
GRATIS – ‘Downtown’ (7inch, MP3-track))
GREEN DAY – ‘Good Riddance (Time Of Our Life)’ (‘Nimrod.’ CD)
ISHMAEL UNITED – ‘Song Of The Last Generation’ (7inch, MP3-track)
JEFF HILL BAND – ‘Something's Wrong With My Baby’ (7inch, MP3-track)
THE LIMIT – ‘My World At Night’ (7inch, MP3-track)
MICK FLINN BAND – ‘Do What You Wanna Do’ (7inch, MP3-track)
MORNING SPUNK – ‘Unkown Song’ (7inch, MP3-track)
THE PUKE – ‘You Missed 77’ (7inch EP, MP3-track)
RED UNION - ‘Gates Of The West’ (MP3-track)
SOCIAL DISTORTION – ‘Far Behind’ (‘Greatest Hits’ CD)
VINCE CADILLAC – ‘Lovey Dovey’ (7inch, MP3-track)
VOICE OF THE PUPPETS – ‘I Don't Want To Know’ (7inch, MP3-track)


P-L-A-Y-L-I-S-T  O-F  T-H-E  W-E-E-K (31/10):
BLONDIE – ‘Maria’ (‘No Exit’ CD)
BOMBSHELL ROCKS – ‘21st Century Riot’, ‘Faith & Dedication’ (‘Cityrats & Alleycats’ CD)
DOVER – ‘Four Graves’, ‘Cherry Lee’ (‘Late At Night’ CD)
IGGY POP – ‘Heart Is Saved’ (‘Naughty Little Doggie’ CD)
IGGY POP – ‘Lust For Life’, ‘The Passenger’, ‘Real Wild Child’, ‘Candy’ (‘Nude & Rude: The Best Of Iggy Pop’ CD)
JAIL GUITAR DOORS – ‘Bad Friend’ (‘You Talkin’ To Me?’ MCD)
JAIL GUITAR DOORS – ‘S.N.J’, ‘Set Free’ (‘Protest Song’ CD)
THE JAM – ‘That’s Entertainment’, ‘Town Called Malice’ (‘Snap!’ DoCD)
JESSE MALIN – ‘All The Way From Moscow’ (‘Love It To Life’ CD)
JESSE MALIN – ‘Walk On The Wild Side’ (‘On Your Sleeve’ CD)
JULIETTE & THE LICKS – ‘Comin’ Around’, ‘Got Love To Kill’ (‘...Like A Bolt Of Lightning’ MCD)
NUTRAJET – ‘December Drowning’ (s/t CD)

ONE MAN ARMY – ‘Another Night’ (‘Last Word Spoken’ CD)