P-L-A-Y-L-I-S-T  O-F  T-H-E  W-E-E-K (08/10):
ANGELS AND AIRWAVES – Epic Holiday, Hallucinations (Love CD)
ANTI-FLAG – The Terror State CD
BIS – Dead Wrestlers (V.A.: Lookout! Freakout Episode 2 CD)
BLACK ANGEL’S DEATH SONG – Danceteria (V.A.: Soundtrack – Born To Lose CD)
BURNING HEADS – Makin’ Plans For Nigel (s/t CD)
THE CARPETTES – Heddy (s/t CD)
CHANNEL 3 – Indian Summer (V.A.: Someone’s Gonna Get Their Head To Believe In Something CD)
THE COMMANDOS – Complicated Fun (V.A.: Higgledy Piggledy Punk Rock Vol.1 CD)
THE DEADBEATS – Kill The Hippies (V.A.: Punk Territory Vol.1 USA 1976-‘81 CD)
HOT ROD HONEYS – Bloody Belgium (Hungry And Horny CD)
HUNGRY FOR WHAT – The War Goes On (V.A.: Someone’s Gonna Get Their Head To Believe In Something CD)
JESSE MALIN – Swinging Man, Scars Of Love, Hotel Columbia (The Heat CD)
THE MUFFS – Rock’n’Roll Girl (V.A.: Freedom Of Choice CD)
THE NILS – Scratches And Needles (V.A.: Someone’s Gonna Get Their Head To Believe In Something CD)
THE OUTCASTS – 5 Years, Nowhere Left To Run, Programme Love, Angel Face (Blood & Thunder And Seven Deadly Sins CD)
THE PITS – Introducing My New High, Talking To The Wall, Revelations, National Anthem (Introducing...The Pits CD)
RIVERFENIX – Speechless (V.A.: A Compilation Of Warped Music II CD)
THE ROBOTS – Mary Lou (V.A.: Gotta Do The Rockin’ Vol.2 CD)
SACRED HEARTS – This Ain’t Our Last Goodbye (V.A.: Soundtrack – Born To Lose CD)
SONIC YOUTH – Ca Plane Pour Moi (V.A.: Freedom Of Choice CD)
THE TOOLS – Smoke Filled Rooms, Adopted Procedure (V.A.: Punk Territory Vol.1 USA 1976-‘81 CD)
THE VKTMS – No Long Good-byes, 100% White Girl (V.A.: Punk Territory Vol.1 USA 1976-‘81 CD)
YO LA TENGO – Dreaming (V.A.: Freedom Of Choice CD)


P-L-A-Y-L-I-S-T  O-F  T-H-E  W-E-E-K  (07/10):
ANTI-FLAG – Good And Ready, The Bright Lights Of America, The Modern Rome Burning, We Are The Lost (The Bright Lights Of America CD)
ANTI-FLAG – I’d Tell You But..., The Press Corpse, Hymn For The Dead, 1 Trillion Dollars, Confessions Of An Economic Hit Man, Cities Burn (For Blood And Empire CD)
COCKNEY REJECTS – I’m Not A Fool, Bad Man, Join The Rejects, Where The Hell Is Babylon?, Flares’n’Slippers, Police Car, I Wanna Be A Star (Greatest Hits Vol. 1 CD)
COCKNEY REJECTS – On The Run, Teenage Fantasy, On The Streets Again, The Greatest Story Ever Told (The Power & The Glory CD)
THE JAM – Thick As Thieves, Little Boy Soldiers, Saturday’s Kids (Setting Sons CD)
RADIO DEAD ONES - Berlin City/So True 10”inch/CD
SHAM 69 – Run Wild Run Free, Unite And Win (The Game CD)
SOCIAL DISTORTION – Don’t Take Me For Granted, I Wasn’t Born To Follow (Sex, Love & Rock’n’Roll CD)
STIFF LITTLE FINGERS – Hope Street, Last Train From The Wasteland, You Can Get It (If You Really Want), Half A Life (And Best Of All...Hope Street DoCD)
V.A.: „THE BEST OF FRIED EGG RECORDS – (Bristol 1979 – 1980)” CD


P-L-A-Y-L-I-S-T  O-F  T-H-E  W-E-E-K  (06/10):
THE ALARM - Three Sevens Clash (Guerilla Tactics CD/MP3-track)
ALBERTO Y LOST TRIOS PARANOIAS – Heads Down No Nonsense Mindless Boogie, Fuck You (Heads Down No Nonsense Mindless Boogie Do-7”inch/MP3-tracks)
CHANNEL 3 – Make It Home (MP3-track)
THE CHRONICS – Test Tube Baby (MP3-track)
CONVICTED – Action Fun (MP3-track)
DOW JONES & THE INDUSTRIALS – Can’t Stand The Midwest (MP3-track)
THE FEATURES – Floozie Of The Neighborhood (Floozie Of The Neighborhood LP/MP3-track)
THE FIRST STEPS – Anywhere Else But Here (MP3-track)
THE FLAKES – She’s So Natural (MP3-track)
GLASS HEROES – Let Me Down (MP3-track)
GOD’S LONELY MEN – Heaven Sent You (All This And More LP/MP3-track)
THE GREATEST HITS – For Our Hearts (7”inch/MP3-track)
LAINEY – Staring The Artex (MP3-track)
THE LAST GANG – Continuity Breakout (MP3-track)
LEALANDVILLE – Its Silent (Dedicated To Joe Strummer/MP3-track)
THE LURKERS – Red Light Girl (MP3-track)
THE M’n’Ms – I’m Tired (MP3-track)
THE MOSS POLES – Underground (MP3-track)
THE PANDORAS – Close Behind (Rock Hard LP/MP3-track)
THE PANDORAS – Stop Pretending (Stop Pretending LP/MP3-track)
PSYCHO SURGEONS – Wild Weekend (MP3-track)
THE PUSHUPS -Dressed Up Straight On Blown Down CD
THE RANDOMS – Let’s Get Rid Of New York (7”inch/MP3-track)
RANDY RAMPAGE – The Last Song (12”EP/MP3-track)
THE ROMFORD STOMPERS – Dead Girls (MP3-track)
SOCIAL DISTORTION – I Can’t No More (Live in Duesseldorf 1997/MP3-track)
TANZ DER YOUTH – I’m Sorry I’m Sorry (John Peel Session 1978/MP3-track)
TOT ROCKET & THE TWINS – Time To Waste (Television Rules LP/MP3-track)
ZERO BOYS – I’m Bored (MP3-track)


P-L-A-Y-L-I-S-T  O-F  T-H-E  W-E-E-K (05/10):
AUTOMATICS - The Jukebox Of Human Sorrow CD digi-pak
BILLY IDOL – World Comin’ Diwn, Sherri (Devil’s Playground CD)
BIS – Eurodisco (Greatest Hits CD/DVD)
THE CUTE LEPERS – You Don’t Belong To The Religious Right (Smart Accessories CD)
DEAD TO ME – Cruel World (African Elephants CD)
DONOTS – Whatever Happened To The 80s? (Whatever Happened To The 80s? MCD)
THE EPOXIES – Synthesized, Stop The Futute (Stop The Future CD)
GENEPOOL – Let’s Stay Friends, The Maggots, 1979 (Lauf! Lauf! CD)
THE LAST ROCK’N’ROLL BAND – A Selfish Brat (s/t CD)
LAST STAND – Any Battle Won MCD
THE PIKES – No-Name Street MCD
RAZZIA – Sommer (Relativ sicher am Strand CD)
ROTTEN BARK - Chillin’ Out MCD
STAR FUCKING HIPSTERS – Only Sleep (Until We’re Dead CD)
UPRIGHT CITIZENS – Farewell (7”inch/MP3-track)
ZOOPARTY – Give It Up, This Time Around (You Are Here CD)
ZSK – We Are The Kids (From Protest To Resistance CD)