P-L-A-Y-L-I-S-T  O-F  T-H-E  W-E-E-K (25/10):
THE 4-SKINS – ‘Plastic Gangsters’, ‘Yesterday’s Heroes”, ‘One Law For Them’ (‘The Good, The Bad & The 4-Skins’ CD)
ANGELS AND AIRWAVES – ‘Epic Holiday’, ‘Hallucinations’ (‘Love’ CD)
ANTI-FLAG – ‘The Economy Is Suffering... Let It Die’, ‘The Old Guard’ (‘The People Or The Gun’ CD)
BUM – ‘I Wanna Be’, ‘Weekend’, ‘My Pal’ (‘I Am Superwoman’ CD)
THE CHEAP TRICK – ‘The 70’s Song’ (‘Authorized Greatest Hits’ CD)
THE CUTE LEPERS – ‘You Don’t Belong To The Religious Right’ (‘Smart Accessories’ CD)
THE DESCENDENTS – ‘Nothing With You’, ‘She Don’t Care’, ‘Merican’, ‘Blast Off’ (‘Cool To Be You’ CD)
THE FOO FIGHTERS – ‘Danny Says’, ‘Next Year’ (‘One By One’ DoCD)
THE FOO FIGHTERS – ‘The Pretender’, ‘Learn To Fly’, ‘Monkey Wrench’, ‘Long Road To Ruin’, ‘Wheels’ (‘Greatest Hits’ CD)
THE FUCKING WORLD – ‘Day By Day’ (V.A.: ‘First 10 Years Of Stupido Twins Records’ CD)
THE HARD-ONS – ‘Just Being With You’ (‘Suck And Swallow’ CD)
HÜSKER DÜ – ‘Celebrated Summer’, ‘Perfect Example’ (‘New Day Rising’ CD)
SCREECHING WEASEL – ‘Falling Apart’, ‘Talk To Me Summer’ (‘Anthem For A New Tomorrow’ CD)
SOUL ASYLUM – ‘Sometime To Return’, ‘Cartoon’ (‘Hang Time’ CD)
SUGAR - ‘Your Favorite Thing’, ‘Believe What You’re Saying’ (‘File Under: Easy Listening’ CD)
TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS – ‘American Girl’ (‘Greatest Hits’ CD)
TOXIC REASONS – ‘Revolution?’ (‘Kill By Remote Control’ LP/MP3-track)
THE UNDERTONES – ‘Here Comes The Summer’ (s/t CD)


P-L-A-Y-L-I-S-T  O-F  T-H-E  W-E-E-K (24/10):
THE ALARM – ‘Direct Action’, ‘Plastic Carrier Bags’ (‘Direct Action’ (CD/DVD)
ARGY BARGY – ‘No News Is Good News’ (‘The Likes Of Us’ CD)
BIERSPIELER – ‘Tooth’ (‘Shut Down’ CD)
THE CROOKS – ‘The Beat Goes On’, ‘Modern Boys’ (‘Just Released’ CD)
DEENO’S MARVEL – ‘Oil City Rockers’ (V.A.: ‘Punks From The Underground’ CD)
THE HOAX – ‘Pig Farm’, ‘This Is My Life’ (‘....And So It Went 1979-1981’ CD)
THE LURKERS – ‘New Guitar In Town’, ‘This Dirty Town’, ‘Wolf At The Door’, ‘Drag You Out’, ‘Frankenstein Again’, ‘One Man’s Meat’, ‘By The Heart’ (‘The Punk Singles Collection’ CD)
MACHINES – ‘Weekend’ (Promo-EP MCD)
THE MOONDOGS – ‘Talking In The Canteen’ (‘The John Peel Sessions’ CD)
PENETRATION – ‘Our World’ (7”inch/MP3-track)
THE PHANTOMS – ‘High School’ (V.A.: ‘Punks From The Underground’ CD)
SELECTER – ‘On My Radio’, ‘Too Much Pressure’ (Single Version) (‘Too Much Pressure’ CD)
SHAME ACADEMY – ‘Cops’ (‘Punk Rock For Dummies’ CD)
SHANGHAI DOG – ‘American Desert’ (V.A.: ‘Last Call – Vancouver Independent Music 1977-1980’ DoCD)
THE STAR CLUB – ‘Love You Something’ (Single Version), ‘Devil Summer’, ‘Soldier Boy’ (‘Premium Best – Kitty Missiles’ CD)
STAR FUCKING HIPSTERS – ‘Until We’re Dead’, ‘Immigrants & Hypocrites’, ‘Only Sleep’ (‘Until We’re Dead’ CD)
TWO-TONE-PINKS – ‘Crystal Clean’, ‘Code Book’ (‘Battered And Bruised’ CD)
THE VILETONES – ‘Possibilities’ (‘A Taste Of Honey’ CD)