P-L-A-Y-L-I-S-T  O-F  T-H-E  W-E-E-K (43):
ADAM AND THE ANTS – Stand And Deliver (Hits CD)
ANTI – Dynamite Kids (7”inch-EP-track)
ANTI-FLAG – Sodom, Gomorrah, Washington D.C. (Sheep In Shepherd’s Clothing), The Economy Is Suffering... Let It Die (The People Or The Gun CD)
THE BRIGADES – Ready Ready Go Punk Rockers (12”inch-track)
THE BRIGADES – State Controlled Paranoia (Bomb n’ Blood n’ Capital CD)
CHANNEL 3 – The 1981 Demos LP (Digitaler Download)
CHIN CHIN – Stop Your Crying (12”inch-track)
FOUR BE TWO – One Of The Lads (12”inch-track)
THE GANG – Goin’ To The Crossroads, Blue Message, Song Of The Prisoner (Barricada Rumble Beat LP)
GNÄ GNÄ – The Dance (7”inch-track)
HÜSKER DÜ – Celebrated Summer, Perfect Example (New Day Rising CD)
JULY 14TH – Me And My Gun (7”inch-track)
THE LAST ROMANCE – War In The City (7”inch-track)
MAD PARADE – Right Is Right, This Is Life (Re-Issues CD)
MELTING SKYSCRAPERS – Strange Device (7”inch-track)
RANDY RAMPAGE – Cheap Tragedies, The Last Song (12”EP)
THE RIVALS - ...If Only CD
THE RUTS – West One (Shine On Me) (Grin And Bear It CD)
SOZZ – All The Cops In The Streets (7”inch-track)
SUGAR – A Good Idea, Changes, If I Can’t Change Your Mind (Cooper Blue CD)
VANILLA CHAINSAWS – T.S. (was it really me), Everything (7”inch-tracks)


P-L-A-Y-L-I-S-T  O-F  T-H-E  W-E-E-K (42):
TALL SHORTY – The Sound Of Giffer City CD
MANIC STREET PREACHERS – Jackie Collins Existential Question Time (Journal For Plague Lovers CD)
RAZZIA – Sommer (Relativ sicher am Strand CD)
STRUMMERSToo Fast To Live, Too Young To Die MCD
WINEPRESSStay Awhile (Split-7”inch w TheFighters)
ZSKWe Are The Kids (From Protest To Resistance CD)


P-L-A-Y-L-I-S-T  O-F  T-H-E  W-E-E-K (41):
THE BRIGADES – Living In Dunpool, Stand Up And Spray, Janis Would Say
CHURCH OF CONFIDENCE – Hey Ho Let’s Go, Call Of The Wild (Takin’ Over CD)
LEATHERFACE – Taking’ ‘Bout A Revolution (Compact And Bijou MCD)
MONTREAL – Maedchen aus Berlin, Dein neuer Freund und ich + Endlich wieder Discozeit (s/t CD)
THE RYDERS – Destiny, Burn It Up (Songs From The Closet CD)
SOCIAL SECURITY – Stella + User (Arley Hill / Digital Release)


P-L-A-Y-L-I-S-T  O-F  T-H-E  W-E-E-K (40):
48 HOURS – Back To Ireland (V.A.: Avon Calling DoCD)
999 – Obsessed, Wild Sun, Scandal In The City (Concrete CD)
APARTMENT – The Car, Winter, The Alternative Distractions (House Of Secrets CD)
BACKYARD BABIES – Be Myself And I (Stockholm Syndrome CD)
BOMBSHELL ROCKS – On My Way, From Here And On, Out Of The Cold, My Own War, Untitled, Crossroads, Cheated Again (From Here And On CD)
MICHAEL MONROE – Do Anything You Wanna Do (Whatcha Want CD)
THE MOB – The Mirror Breaks (Let The Tribe Increase CD)
SCREECHING WEASEL – I Fall To Pieces, Radio Blast, The Girl Next Door, Goodbye To You, Hey Suburbia (Kill The Musicians CD)
TURBONEGRO – Drenched In Blood (D.I.P.) (Scandinavian Leather CD)
THE VALENTINES – Main Deadhead, Queer Tricks, City Hive (Hot Numbers CD)