P-L-A-Y-L-I-S-T  O-F  T-H-E  W-E-E-K (35/10):
BIERSPIELER – ‘Tooth’ (‘Shut Down’ CD)
BRIJITTE WEST & THE DESPERATE HOPEFULS – ‘Bitter & Twisted’, ‘Long Island Lolita’ (s/t CD)
THE CONDORS – ‘Carnival Of Fools’, ‘The Other Side Of You’ (‘Wait For It’ CD)
EDDIE AND THE SUBTITLES – ‘American Society’ (‘Fuck You Eddie!’ CD)
LA CRY – ‘Another Part’ (‘Fatter Than Elvis...Cooler Than James Dean’ CD)
THE MEMBERS – ‘Live in Berlin’ CD
THE MOB – ‘The Mirror Breaks’ (‘Let The Tribe Increase’ CD)
THE PUKE – ‘She’s A Cop’, ‘You Missed ‘77’, ‘I Am Sick’, ‘Adolescent Til I Die’ (7inch EP, MP3-tracks)
RAZZIA – ‘Sommer’ (‘Relativ sicher am Strand’ CD)
SHATTERED FAITH – ‘Always The Same’, ‘Dark Side’, ‘Reckless Way’, ‘Our Time’ (‘Bootleg’ CD)
SPERMBIRDS – ‘Stacks & Piles’, ‘Meet Me In The Middle’, ‘Black In A Rainbow’, ‘Choose Not To Look’, ‘Try And Stop Us’, ‘Strategy For Victory’, ‘Let Me Think’ (‘A Columbus Feeling’ CD)
T BONE – ‘Rock’n’Roll DJ’, ‘Rosalie’ (‘Absolutely Mint’ CD)