In der No. 14 interviewte Rick Bain noch Rubens und Clints alte Band, the BLEDDERS, die damals schwer im Kommen waren und einige viel versprechende Songs auf Vinyl fuer das Hostage Label verewigten. Und wie es dann so ist, man verliert sich wieder ein wenig aus den Augen, ist latent aber immer auf Abruf bereit und so staunte ich nicht schlecht, als ich erfuhr, das bei Radio One zwei Originalmitglieder dabei sind. Wie schon zu Anfang erwaehnt, Ruben Rivera am Gesang und Clint Gonzales an der Gitarre. Aufgestockt wurde die Band um drei weitere Musiker, Dale Andersen, ebenfalls Gitarre, Doug Enfinger am Bass und Nicky Dub am Schlagzeug.


How is it, living in Los Angeles, after Terminator Arnie rules as the governor of CA?

Ruben: Personally for me there is no difference. You get one politician you get another face. Nothing changes.

Dale: Personally I like Terminator II.


Today, 08/10, I was on your website There was only your cover of the album as an logo, an MP3 for "Pipebomb Rebels" and a little info about the band. When will it be complete?


Ruben: We lag,  but now it is up check it out at


The info mention that you were formed out of the BLEDDERS and the PUSHERS. I know, that you Ruben and Clint were in the BLEDDERS, but never heard that Dale, Doug or Nicky were in the PUSHERS. Could you explain this?

Ruben: Nicky Dub was the original drummer for the Pushers

Dale: Nick is a good friend from the hood and wanted to jam. We all have been friends for a long time. School, surfing etc. Clint and Ruben were currently going there own way from the Bleeders and things just happened. Real natural. From the get go the vibe was heavy and we have been kickin it ever since.


What were the main reason, that your old band, the BLEDDERS split up?

Ruben: Basically there was a power struggle between myself and the bass player and we were going on a route which I didn't feel comfortable with.

Clint: The music sucked that's what it boiled down to.

Ruben: Ahh yeah the music sucked but it was more like the stage performance sucked. Like a put on. I felt like I was putting on a performance and not being myself .

Clint: After the Ep the music got bad. No doubt all the music before that I thought was solid. We never actually recorded any of the stuff I thought was shit.

Ruben: That's because I got out before that could ever happen.


After your breakup with your old bandmembers, did you keep in touch?

Clint: I still talk to the bass player but I don't see the drummer anymore.

Ruben: Nope everybody hates me.


Your first record sounds like a well-done cross between the early CLASH, today´s RANCID and also you can find a lot of streetpunk credibility in the lyrics. So, how did you change your mind, cause for me the BLEDDERS were much more like an 50ties Rock'n'Roll band, formed 40 years later in the streets of Orange County.

Dale: Fuck the street! We are the street.

Ruben: I had to do some soul searching.

Dale: Wait. Let me get a tissue.

Ruben: I had to figure out what was real and what wasn't. I decided to go back to the basics. That was the original concept behind Radio One and getting together the brilliant members to play. I'm thirty now. 

Dale: Thirty and dirty. 

Clint: Do these guys even speak English ?

Ruben: Of course they do you stupid idiot. Everyone in Europe speaks at least 2 languages, English being the 2nd. Anyway, I could'nt right songs about doing junk or partying all night. That's just not where I am anymore. I think that shit has it's place, but not with me, not anymore. I felt I had to sing about things that are relevant and the other guys are right there with me.


I just read on the back of your booklet that the band produced the whole record. Was Jerry Adamo not in your mind? I ask you that, because I have the impression that today every band from the Huntington Beach area is going to Jerry.

Dale: Funny you ask that we just did a split single for Disaster with Die Hunns which is doing really well. The truth is Jerry is a great guy and works really fast for cheap. If your playing this kind of music chances are that works.

Ruben: We dont play that kind of music. The sounds there are marginal at best sonically we wanted a record that was full. At "For The Record" we definatley got that. Bands like Social Distortion, Manic Hispanic, Meat Puppets, Cadillac Tramps, the Joneses have all recorded there... The list goes on.

Dale: I have recorded there since 1994 and its one of the few places that has a working toliet.


So, what is your opinion about the new cover artwork from the next SOCIAL DISTORTION record "Sex, Love and Rock'n'Roll"?

Clint: That's one of the gayest things I have ever seen. What kind of a record cover is that? Its a shame  (Laughter !!! everyone ........) Its a shame. I used to like these guys. Roll of the dice. Give me a fuckin break. 

Ruben: Oh my gosh. You fuckin rule.

Clint: Like if your going to be that dumb put some tits and ass on the fucker. You have to admit Ruben he just threw this shit together.

Ruben: Sad part is I don´t think he did. He has been working on this shit for years.

Clint: This guy doesn´t have anything to say. When I heard some of the lyrics I was bummed.

Ruben: Well ya, I see yer point, but I still can't help sing along with his songs when they get played on the radio.


Exist a story behind your bandname?

Ruben: I wont lie I took it from inspiration of the Clash. I wanted something that did'nt sound like we came from Orange County. I wanted something that sounded more worldly so to speak. We don't sound like any band from around here and we did'nt want a name that started with "THE" somethings .

Dale: Word up.

Clint: You think I bashed Social Distortion too much ? Is that too much. (Laughter all around !)

Ruben: Nah man that's what ya think. Fuck it.


Who is Shawn Peterson, who was doing all the cut and pasted artwork for the record?

Dale: Shawn is a good friend who happens to own Dog Pile and just an all around longtime friend of pretty much everyone in the band. I have know SP since pre nut sack hair and to be honest he was a big influence on this project. His art and whole vibe has always been the "77" punk thing and we really appreciate all he has done for us.

Ruben: The art work for the record took over 12 hours of zerox machine and cutting and pasting and resizing etc. Ahh.... Truly amazing to watch.

Clint: Thats good you dont have to blow his dick.

Dale: He's a rare modern day pirate.

Ruben: One of my best friends, And my boss.


Where/how often did you practice? Did you share the rehearsal room with any other band?

Clint: To be honest with you, I don't think we practice enough...I think we have something here. With the players we have in this band, I am really interested to see what happens.


So, what is the best sentence you have ever heard, that someone has managed to get into a song's lyrics?

Dale: Finally a good dumb question. I would have to say Lick it up by Kiss. Laughter all around ....., and some coughing from the cigs.

Clint: “Im Lookin´ For A Kiss” from the Dolls. Thats the only thing I can think of. Thats the only reason why Im playing.

Ruben: Thats a good question. “I've made my peace with heaven cause I´ve done my time in hell”, Keith Richards.


So, what are your day jobs?

Clint: Oh shit. Male escort.

Dale: Male escorts for male escorts. (Laughter......)

Ruben: I work for Dogpile. Which is the true last 77 punk clothing company in the business. Check it out.

Dale: For real I train seals.


Which record could I find in your CD-player or at your turn-table?

Clint: Babyface (Laughter......)

Clint: Radio One. .... no for real Swinging Utters is in the player. Thunders, Dead Boys, same shit for ever.

Dale: Hank Williams, Buju Bantan, The Stones.

Ruben: I have been changin back and forth between the Briefs new record Sex Objects which I think is amazing and flippin Eater with the Avengers and some Stiff Litttle Fingers, Gregory Issacs in question.


What is your fave word, that you used very often for writing songs? Any explanation?

Ruben: Sorry no response.......

Clint: Move on.           


What are your favorite punk sites on the web?

Ruben: Don't have any other than

Clint: Websites? I don't have a clue!

Ruben: Clint dosen't search the web too much....come to think of it none of us do.


Please describe the best local eccentrics - the unique and interesting people in your town.

Clint: How about Ray Gun?

Dale: Tatoos on face and alll......... Nothin like being at the show and seeing a guy come from the crowd, grab the mike and beat it on the side of his head to the beat. I love that shit.....


Well, in the past and present, we from germany (europe) heard often the storys from the wild backyard parties, which mostly ended up in a riot with the police, hand-cuff and helicopters spotlights. Could you tell us some special storys about that phenomenon?

Clint: That's exactly how the party's go around here.

Dale: Its true.... Cops are like Nazi's. No offense but shit can get out of hand around here..... Helicopters and tear gas.....

Ruben: Totally fuckin true.. It was fourth of july which is ironic its supposed to be a celebration of our independance. And what happens is just fuckin crazy. I was living in a upstairs apartment on 6th street in Huntington Beach, Somebody down the street burns a couch which in turn brings a crowd and the police are called.  An army of cops show up and start sweeping the streets with bodies. These fuckers had on the full riot gear and the way they did it was to line up single file across the street with a paddy wagon behind them. As they moved down the street anybody in front of them got the beat down. Amazed I watched this from my window. After everything cooled off I went over to my buddies house and we were talking about the event that just happened, we were in the living room with the door open and it was really quite, All the sudden some fucking cop sprayed mace threw the screen door just for the fuck of it. Cops suck.


What´s the most over-rated and the most un-rated punk rock band at the time?

Clint: Briefs underrated........ Overated . I dont know..... I cant really think of one.

Ruben: I will agree with Clint.. the Briefs are the best band out right now.

Dale: I dont really care about punk rock.......


Being over the teenage age, how do you view teenagers now? You have two kids and are married, right?

Ruben: Teenagers are always gonna be the same. You got your nerds, you got your smart asses. Some are popular, some are poor, what is absolute is that teens think nobody understands them, and that they are aliens. What they don't find out till later is that everyone thinks like that.

Dale: Word up................

Clint: Its all the same shit. I still feel like a teenager, except now I go down south on the ladies. Next question.


So, that I´m a huge fan of the CLASH and especially JOE STRUMMER, I would like to know your special personal story and memories on Joe and the Clash.

Clint: Where do I begin. I could talk all night about how the Clash and how it effected me but when I listened to the Clash as a youngster, it just was the sound and the message combined with the anarchy just stood out from other stuff going on at that time.  And still today, ....

Ruben: For me I didn't really get into the Clash, or should I say understand what their purpose was until I was older. I don't think the Clash is a band for kids, I think their message went above average adolecenent intelligence. I remember as a teenager hating “Sandinista”, because I didn't understand it. I wanted to hear “White Riot”. Now as I am older, I understand what Joe was trying to say and do with the music and the lyrics. I understand now the impact of the political messages combine with the reggae influences. There will never be another band like the Clash. They remain, to this day the only band that matters.


In general, what do you see wrong with music today?

Dale: I hate bands that don't write their own songs and seem to be spoon feed. 

Clint: All production and no balls... 

Ruben: I don't think anything is wrong with music today, there are great bands writing great songs they are just not part of popular music. y'know?  Popular music has always sucked. But if that is what you are listening to, god help you, you deserve it. I know none of yer readers buy that shit! So everyone knows what I'm talking about.


What sort of interests do you have outside of the band?

Dale: I enjoy skydiving and fire breathing. I also play with my balls on the weekends along with surfing at Brookhurst beach.

Clint: Surf, play and drink, is their anything else?

Ruben: Surf, skateboard.


What is the worst tatoo you ever saw?

Clint: I remember seeing a guy in a mag or something. He had a pecker the size of a thimbal, just resting on his ball sack like a two year old. He had a demon face wrapped around the barrel of his dick and somehow tied together with his sack. It was ridiculous...  (Laughter)


How long can you go on with Punk Rock?  Retirement ever crossed your mind?

Ruben: Give me a break, I am only 30. Just keep the viagra coming cause I am writing the best shit I have ever have, with the best band I have ever played with. Retirement, no never.


How did the deal with Disaster Records come about?

Ruben: Duane Peters saw us in Huntington Beach. He liked what he saw and we ended up here. I think it will help being affiliated with Duane and his label, if he puts his seal of approval on it, that really helps us out.


What is your earliest Punk Rock memory?

Dale: At 14 I was thrown up against the chain-link fence by the school punk and asked if I liked Devo. I said yes. Then he threw me on the ground and said.... Sex Pistols, faggot!

Clint: When I got drunk beyond belief at an eight grade party as a twelve year old, I knew then that my life was on the right road. My dad disagreed.

Ruben: For me it was more Rock n Roll moments. I grew up in a house listening to Little Richard and Chuck Berry. I used to dance around like Mick Jagger. I first heard The Ramones when I was fifteen, after that there was no going back.


Record collection, what are you most embarrassed about?

Clint: Spandau Ballet.

Ruben: Shut up, Clint. You had Style Council too...

Ruben: I had a Faster Pussycat Album, ... or two.

Dale: Always a collector... laughter.....

Dale: Marshalls and ESP. Pause... I am not really embarrased about someone elses music. If I own it then there's an aspect of that song/record that I I don't know... Maybe Lynerd Skynerd?


What was the greatest show you ever played?

All: The Circle Jerks show. 

Dale: Keith likes us....

Ruben: Keith Morris was one of our biggest supporters early on. At one point, we were talking very briefly about signing with "Virgin Records”.... After that, he went out of his way to pass our demo around to some of the indy labels, he remains a fan and a friend of the band. Amazing right?


What do you know about Germany?

Clint: Do the women still have hairy armpits?....Other than that, absolutiy nothing...

Dale: Besides Mercedes and BMWs,...?  Seriously, I have heard that my great-great grandfather was a pharmacyst for Hitler and his clan. Half way through WWII he escaped and died in Italy with whore. Wine, I think....

Ruben: What do I know about Germany? Punks Not dead there, like it is in this country.


Any last words?

Clint: May the fleas of a thousand yaks invade your hairy armpits.....(laughter)

Dale: I can't wait to come and enjoy your beer and autobons. I heard the food it great. I enjoy sourkraut.

Ruben: Alright..., someone's gotta be serious here. We are planning to to come to Europe next year and are currently working on our second album for Disaster Records. That'll be slotted for next years releases. Thanx for the time, it's been a blast. Check out our website at, Buy our record, go to, and when we come out and play say hello and let's have a beer together. Cheers!



Interview: Ralf Real Shock (September 2004)