Last summer 2003 I figured out a young 3 piece All Girl Punk Rock Band on the web called SAVAGE LUCY. They played a long gone away Snoty minimalistic Punk Rock Sound in the spirit of the SLITS, the PRATS, the ART ATTACKS and stuff like that from England 77 with some hot and fresh kicks. At this time these gals were only 14 years old and ... gosh ... how will they sounding when they change 24. They are gonna be Super Musicans for sure I bet. After listening to their first Demo-CD-R ’Kick It’ I made an interview with these young Punk Rock Gals for 3rd GENERATION NATION Punk Rock Magazine (R.I.P.) and when we finished it they decided to split up, cuz singer and bassist AH-NAH moved from her hometown Ellensburg to Seattle.

It last not long and she joined another new band called the SNOT ROCKETTS, found a own Punk Rock Label called RAT FACE and started a BRIEFS Fan Club. WOW!!! This girl is really in the DIY-Spirit and she does it very seriously so I think we will hear a lot of her in the future and don’t forget: The future is right now. Anyway, her music style and the style of the other ex-’LUCYs was/is very unique and that is the main-thing do doing an interview with her again. It’s worthy-while for every mag, coz their Punk Rock Sound have nothing to do with every melodic mtv-hipsters in any case. It’s just too raw and their guitar style touch my nerves like a visit by a dentist with out no stupor squirt. So here we go again and let us inform what AH-NAH now in Seattle has to offer for us.


ANDY: Hi AH-NAH how are you doing? Hope fine. Tell us a little about the situation right after the split of SAVAGE LUCY. Were your move to Seattle the only reason to break up or were there more reasons in stock? I mean, SAVAGE LUCY would be a cool Punk Rock Band in the future, cuz you’ve got the guts to do it, I think. Your Sound were so raw, snotty and sharp. Okay, it was kinda minimalistic, but you were pretty young and when you‘re getting older I bet you would playin’ a fantastic Punk Rock Sound. By the way, JOY DIVISION start kinda minimalistic as well and were so brilliant. In any case your Punk Rock Style were very seldom and actually long gone away. What do the other ex-members RIKO and POLLY and VAL? Are you still friends? I mean, your web-site is still exist. Maybe you come together one day or begins now a totally new chapter of your Punk Rock Life as a musician in your own way?

AH-NAH: Hey Andy! im doing pretty damn good. Well leaving savage lucy orginally had nothing to do with me moving. I actually decided to quit because i was sick of putting up with the drama of being in a band i didnt really like anyways. I just got really sick of how limited our playing ability was and how we couldnt tour at all or nothin. I dont think we'll ever play again. Im pretty invested in my new band at the moment. Im still really good friends with Polly, not so much Riko or Val. I never really was that great friends with riko or val to begin with. Thats kind of what effected the break up of the band.


ANDY: It’s almost 1 year gone since SAVAGE LUCY split up, but it’s so amazing, that some guys still try to insult you on your web-side. It‘s kinda funny and amusing when I‘m sometimes surfing on your message board and these goofy-types trying to hurt you. Boah, what for jealous geeks they are. What do you think about them and why you haven’t closed your site, yet?

AH-NAH: Ahh yes the drama of the internet! you know most of those kids i dont even know, and i think that when you subject yourself to the public your pretty much asking for any kind of critisizm. its pathetic people waste their time. I honestly at this point havent really been effected by what people think of me or my accomplishments. Its not my problem they dont like it. I think we decided to keep our website up because our lp came out after we broke up and the site gives people a bit of our history they may not find else where. I think right now a whole new chapter of my life has begun, most definetly.


ANDY: What was your main-reason about moving to Seattle? Was it your plan to get more goals in the Punk Scene or comes it from your Mom? Maybe it is a combine of you both, cuz I know that ’LUCYs parents are very supportive for their kids.

AH-NAH: My main reason for moving to seattle was because Ellensburg is a shit hole and my whole life felt like it was going down the drain. I hated the band i was playing in, i had no friends except for polly, i felt rejected by everyone and just disgusting in my own skin. I knew that i would be happy in seattle and so did my family. My mom hated ellensburg too and i think we all just needed to get out. I think when you have goals that go outside a small shitty town its hard to cope with living in a small shitty town.


ANDY: How had your life changed since you live in Seattle? Highschool, Neighbours, Punks, Jocks? All new and better or the same old story? I suppose, in cases of Night-Life and Punk Rock’n‘Roll you will getting more experiences for sure than in Ellensburg, won’t you?

AH-NAH: My life has changed immensly. I feel like my whole past didnt even happen! its weird because even though i cant forget my life in ellensburg i still feel very not attached to it, as if i was living in someone elses world until now. I dont think the reality of living in seattle has kicked in yet. its a weird feeling. Highschool is really hard right now but its probably the best school i have ever been to as far as the social dynamics between students and teachers go. Academicly its very challenging. The Punks in this city are very stuck up but i knew that from the start. its not too bad though, so far everyones been really supportive of me and its been great. I actually have a night life now and i party/play shows almost every weekend with The Snot Rockettes and Blue Ribbon Boys. Its been rad!


ANDY: Name us some important Punk Rock Bands from Seattle except the BRIEFS, ya know!? Describe their styles a little bit. Do you like a band called the GIRLS?

AH-NAH: AHH yes i love the girls! Im a sucker for that new wave poppy synth sound and they've pinned it. I really enjoy the girls. Some bands im really into outta seattle right now would be Blue Ribbon Boys- the partner band of my new band (the snot rockettes) they got a really cool 77 punk sound mixed with the NYC punk sound youd find on punkcore records or somthin like that. Another band thats really good in seattle right now is The Pulverts, their a ska band that sound very early 80s 2nd wave ska, they also mix it with some Snoty punk and put on a good live show. A lot of ska is starting to come outta seattle, and psychobilly too. Rabid dogs were really good but they recently called it quits which is a shame. They were like a 77 glam punk band. GOOOOOD SHIT!! i think they recently released a record on pelado.


ANDY: Give us a little view about the Punk scene in Seattle and have you got a clue, what is the magic of the BRIEFS? I mean, why they are the hottest Killer-Band from Saettle nowadays? Not just alone in Seattle, I guess. I think, the whole wide western world getting nuts when they playing in somebodys hometown. After seeing them live some folks also changed into BRIEFS-Maniacs like you. So what is their f*****‘ magic? Their outfit, their style, their attitude or just their kinda 77 Punk Rock Sound in their music? Maybe from all a bit. Tell us.

AH-NAH: AHH the briefs....Well theres a lot i can say about why the briefs are such a successful band. to start out i think its mostly the fact that their song writing is perfect down to the T. Its catchy, sing along-able, dance along-able, relate-able,etc... They have a perfect image for their sound, they tour like crazy and market the fuck outta themselves like theres no tomorrow. They have worked extremely hard to get where they are, and the thing is that there are a lot of bands that are just as good as the briefs but they dont put enough work into their band, there for they never get as far. Its all about touring and marketing yourself like crazy to make it in the rock n roll industry. I think my personal reason for being such a big briefs fan has not so much to do with their music but more of personal experiences and where i was at in my life when i started getting into punk and the briefs etc.. They were the 1st punk band i ever met, saw, and first record i ever bought. Theyve been really supportive of me and have always taken the time to deal with my crazyness. They were my favorite band before everyone knew who they were, they just have this way about them thats just honest and in your face. yet theyve never felt untouchable. their a band you can connect with, but they always leave you wanting more. their the perfect gimmick. never mind you collectors cant get enough of their shit..thats part of it too.


ANDY: I remember me, when I was age at 15. All what I had to do was hanging out with my long gone away Punk Rock Pals, drinking, listening to the DEAD BOYS, the HEARTBREAKERS, DOA and stuff like that and than, I had jumped directly into the drug train. Not productive in any case. In opposite after your move to Seattle you found a BRIEFS Fan Club. What were the reason why to starting that? I know, you’re a BRIEFS-Maniac but tell us a little bit more about your faible for this Melodic-Killer-Tunes-Band and what are the rules for the Fan Club?

AH-NAH: The reason i started The Briefs Fanclub was mainly because Chris Brief asked me too. I didnt do it until a year after he asked me too, but i figured i may as well. I just kinda got the urge to do it one day. The only rule is to LOVE THE BRIEFS. of course you cant possibly love them as much as me, but the whole basis of the fanclub is to teach people, prefrebly kids, ( kids are easier to brainwash) how to love the briefs and succumb their lives to the internet worship of this great band.


ANDY: My favorite BRIEFS CD is the second one ’Off The Charts’. It included an absolutely Special Song called: ’It Ain’t The Truth’. I could listening to that fine melodic tune 1000 times on and on. Wonderful that I’ve got their split 7“ with the DISTRACTION on one side and ’It Ain’t The Truth’ on the other side so I can repeat endless this song. Again and again. I‘d say, it‘s a Masterpiece in Punk Rock and this Song is falling in my personal Top 100 Punk Smasher List for sure. When the BRIEFS going in their midtempo-melodics they remember me totally of the BOYS. I love that kinda Music of Power Pop Punk. It’s music for my heart. Which Songs from the BRIEFS are your special tunes? So also name us your rarest record of them which now you hold safetly in your hands. I suppose, you have them all, haven’t you!?

AH-NAH: My favorite release of The Briefs was probably the SINGLES ONLY album because most of my favorite briefs songs are their singles. Id been wanting a singles album to come out for a long time. I guess some of my most favorite briefs songs would be: She's Abrasive, Cmon Sqush me like a bug, Sex Objects, New Case, This Age, Like a Hearattack, Looking Through Gary Glitters eyes, and Piss on the Youth. I suprisingly dont have all their records. Ive gotten about as much as ive been able to afford/get my hands on, but i dont have them all. Dont tell them though, they might get mad! haha. the most rare record i have of theirs would probly be their first release. The POOR AND WEIRD/ROTTEN LOVE white vinly 7" on cut and run records. I got that thing back in 2001, it was even rare back then. CRAZY!


ANDY: Another new thing at you is that you’ve started a record label called RAT FACE. By this name, I suppose, it MUST be a pure Punk Rock label. What was the idea behind to start an independent label and have you already released any Band(s) on it? If yes, name ’em.

AH-NAH: Actually im intrested in putting out ska and rockabilly and subgeneres of punk and what not. But im mostly working with punk/new wave bands right now. Some of the bands im working with are: Jump Boys, The Weekenders, The Pulverts, Jeffie Genetic, The Checkers, and The Anxieties. Its going pretty slow right now though, ive had some problems with my first release, it was supposed to be out a long time ago, but my dad left the country and he's helping me with it and the whole manufacture situation had some problems, so its been kinda tuff. But ive been working really hard. and what with Dirtnap moving to Portland it looks like ill be able to claim seattle as rat face territory within the next couple years...maybe...haha.


ANDY: Does play it any role how the music from the bands are sounding or it doesn’t matter? Do you make it alone or with another person(s)?

AH-NAH: Well im running it with my dad and my friend gigi has offerd to help me with promotion. I really care how the bands sound and how clear their recordings are and if their able to tour or not. I dont want bands that arnt gonna put effort into helping out with the promotion of their record.


ANDY: Hm, a Fan Club, a own Label and now you have a new Band called the SNOT ROCKETTS. Is it a brand new band or are you just a new member of them? Tell us more. When does it start and who are the members?

AH-NAH: Well we're now probly a little over 3 months old. I joined after their first gig and about 4 or 3 of the members quit, and the guitarist/singer were the only ones left. Then soon after we got our awsome drummer. We started last october, its been loads of fun. Tess Tease sings, Ms. K plays guitar, Cowboy plays drums, I go by Snotie, and i play bass!


ANDY: The bandname sounds pretty punky and reminds me strictly on STIV BATORS (R.I.P.). What for a sound will you play? The more evolution ’LUCY-Style or what?

AH-NAH: We're really influenced by bands such as The Barracudas, The Boys, The Dickies, Dead Boys, The Briefs, The Vapors, Generation X,Buzzcocks, The Cramps, etc.. So i guess we got a lot of power pop/Snoty punk influence in us. Somtimes the style of our song writing reminds me a bit of Savage Lucy because we're really silly and retarded with our lyrics sometimes in the same way as savage lucy. But in most ways i think we're diffrent, we're less raw sounding. we're still pretty Snoty though!!!


ANDY: Have you any releases out? If yes, I guess, on your own label, haven’t you!?

AH-NAH: We got a shitty demo, but thats it. We're recording in april for hopefully some future releases. We're planning on making our first release a split with with our home dogs the Blue Ribbon Boys! On what label i dont know. I personally would like to find a label other then my own to release our stuff. I know it may seem weird but i kinda dont want to get my label involved with my band, i feel like theyre to seperate prioritys and mixing them seems stressful in a way.


ANDY: What will brings the future for the SNOT ROCKETTS? What for plans? Maybe a full length CD?

AH-NAH: We're planning on doing a west coast tour with the Blue Ribbon Boys in july. we're gonna go to san diego and back. Hopefully that will go really well! right now we're playing tons of shows in and around seattle. We've played a lot of partys too. We definetly wanna do a full length, but nothing official yet....i guess we'll figure that out after we find a home label and release some 7"s.


ANDY: Do you still play bass and sing?

AH-NAH: Well i play bass and do back up vox. so yeah, just not lead vox anymore. I still contribute to song writing, its cool cuz as a band we write most of our songs together. we all work the same way when it comes to song writing so thats a definite plus!


ANDY: Okay, some catch-words for you:



AH-NAH: the best runaway there was. sure joan was great , but cherry i dont know, i just prefer her vocal stylings over joan. She deserverd more credit then she got.



AH-NAH: One of the best bands outta portland in the history of the world. They will be greatly missed! I finally met Terry and saw his new band the Nice Boys play recently, they were a little ruff around the edges, but very good! their definetly sportin the glam rock look. they sound a lot like the riffs meets the ex hearts which makes sense since the members are terry and ex members of the riffs!



AH-NAH: Ive seen DOA twice, i love DOA! I love the Hanson brothers too, and i love how they sing about Hocky!! i havent ever gotten to see them live though :*(



AH-NAH: Douche bags. Punk aint about the mall, fags. Its about supportin the DIY baby.



AH-NAH: Fuckin best german magazine in the world! Ill miss it, you guys had great interviews and pictures and reviews. you definetly knew what was good out their in the punk scene around the globe and you brought it all together in one mag magicly. ill miss it, at least its still online!!!



AH-NAH: My favorite german punk band i have to say, besides the kidnappers! I hope to go to germany someday so i can hang with that cool guy andy flexible and go see the shocks!!! haha.


ANDY: We both know that the election in 2003 for the governor in california with JACK GRISHAM from TSOL as a candidate was a great joke. But now Bush is your president of the USA for the next four years again. That is no joke and what do you think about that?

AH-NAH: It sucks, but ya know, in the history of the USA during a time a war if their is an election, the current president has always been re-elected unless he's resigned. its probably some secret code or somthing because the feeling in my part of the country is verrrry anti bush. I just hope our next president isnt a fuckin dipshit. USA has never looked this bad.


ANDY: What do you think about the Anti-Bush-Campaign from Fat Mike of NOFX for example?

AH-NAH: Im kinda indiffrent to it. Im not a big fan of fat wreck chords, and i didnt think the compilations he put out were that great but i think its awsome that he's making an effort to do it because he's fuckin using his right as an american to state how he feels, and proving that he's not the only one who has a problem with bush. In a lot of other countrys your government would punish you and somtimes kill you for speaking out against your government. fortunatly we have a system that dosent allow our government to do that. And i totally respect anyone who uses their right as a citizen of this country to the fullest, and i believe thats what Fat Mike is doing.


ANDY: So many people in your country were against Bush and however he is back. SOCIAL DISTORTION are on the first Anti-Bush-Sampler and they made an invitation on their web-side that people have to go to vote against him. Do you like SOCIAL DISTORTION and were you there on one of their latest live-shows? I mean, their song ‘1945‘ is very timeless!

AH-NAH: I really like social distortion. I unfortunatly never have made it to any of their shows but i met them at a signing once. It was my friends birthday and she couldnt go meet them so i went and had them sign her a birthday card, she was sooo happy and i felt like such a good friend! haha.


ANDY: Which was your last record what you have recently bought and which bands could I find right now on your record/cd-player instantly?

AH-NAH: Well right now on my record player i got The Avengers s/t album. On my cd player i had DEAD BOYS for a while but currently am listening to the distillers. I currently got the new town animals lp "is your radio active?" in the mail from jeffie genetic as gift, so i guess thats not really buying, but thats the most recent record ive gotten...


ANDY: What is your sight about the american food culture? Do you often eat fast food or more healthy products?. Are you’re a vegeterian or a normal meat-eat-gal?

AH-NAH: Well im pretty healthy over all, ive actually kinda starting eating more junk since i joined the snot rockettes...we like to eat a lot of junk together! but i really enjoy healthy foods over crap any day. Im not a vegeterian but im kinda picky about the meat i eat, just cuz somtimes it really grosses me out. but somtimes it seems really good. i was a vegeterian for the 1st four years of my life, and my parents have gone in and out of being vegeterians, so i guess im kinda in between. I think american food culture is pretty fucked, no one knows how to eat balanced. its retarded. we have a lot of fat people. but then again...we have a lot of everything......


ANDY: Do you like Punk Rock DVDs? If yes, name us your top 3. Mine til now are 1St by The CLASH - Rude Boy Movie, 2Nd SOCIAL D - Live In Orange County and 3Rd GLUECIFER - Royally Stuffed.

AH-NAH: I love punk rock dvd's, my faves are:

1. The Spits dvd

2. Chicago Black out dvd

3. Suburbia dvd-with commentary by director on!


ANDY: Have you ever heard from the BODIES? If yes, have you seen them live? I would die for sure to see the BODIES live. They smoke every other Punk Band live, I guess.

AH-NAH:  Ive heard and read a lot about the bodies but i still havent heard them! i need to check them out a bum!


ANDY: I was recently on the BRIEFS board again and checked out the SNOT ROCKETTS web-page. The other (hot) gals in your new band are pretty older than you. How does it feel as a so much younger member in the band?

AH-NAH: Well i really dont feel that much younger, we're all the same as far as maturity goes. i think the only diffrence is that i have school which effects stuff, but our drummer is only 16 so she has school too. I was really fortunate to meet a groupe of girls who are so much like myself when it comes to a band. Being the youngest always sucks, especially when you have to stand out in front of the bar to wait to play, but i still have a good time!!


ANDY: Could you explain us why your guitar-girl leave the band now and have you a new replacement for her in sight?

AH-NAH: She said it was too much commitment for her. she has a hard time making it up to practice on her motorcycle and shes getting married in march...she's a bad ass girl and were gonna miss her, but we got a girl who is probly going to replace her so i think things will work out!


ANDY: If nobody would tell me that you are in the ROCKETTS, I‘d looking 3 times to check out that you are in this band now, cuz your black hair dyeing gave you a totally another Punk Rock Outfit. Have you any female Punk Rock Idols? Joan, Cherry or Penelope maybe? Or FABULOUS DESASTER? By the way, do you know the CREAMERS or the MUFFS?

AH-NAH: Yeah ive changed my image a lot since savage lucy. I just kinda wanted to put the past behind and start fresh. Dying my hair back to black just felt really refreshing, when i decided to quit savage lucy and move to seattle i just wanted to start over completly. So i started doing my make up completly diffrent, dressed a little diffrent, dyed my hair diffrent. just gave myself a new identity to look forward to. Im really influenced by Penelope Houston, my mostly female idols are: Debroah Harry, Roxy Epoxy, Chrissie Hynde,Penelope Houston, Dale Bozzio, Wendy O Williams, Brody Armstrong, and myself. I really do idolise myself more then anything because i believe its important to be yourself more then trying to be like someone you admire. I like Fabulous Disaster and the Muffs! dont know the creamers, but ive heard the name.


ANDY: I’d read in your favorite bands-list the AVENGERS. Maybe you should cover an AVENGERS song. I mean, I dunno how your new singer-gal is sounding but when I listening to the ‘LUCYs demo, I bet, you could do it. Do you think so as well and what do you think about of some cool cover versions? Maybe ’Cherry Bomb‘ or ’School Days‘ from the RUNAWAYS?

AH-NAH: Actually when i sang for the diskords we covererd " thin white line" by the avengers. It was a lot of fun! I actually have been wanting to cover " cherry bomb" for a while now, so i could see the snot rockettes doing that eventually.


ANDY: Last important (ha ha) question: How often have you seen EXACTLY the BRIEFS live on stage?

AH-NAH: hahaha, finally someone cares enough to ask me that stupid question! im suprised no ones asked me that before, ive only seen them 13 times in the four years ive been a fan. But i guess to some people thats a lot. I told chris brief and he didnt think it was that many. I think its a lot for someone who just moved to seattle and had to rely on their parents for transportation back and forth from e-burg to seattle for the first 3 and a half years of my briefs syndrome....


ANDY: Okay AH-NAH, let us find an End and have you any last words for us? Should we call you further AH-NAH or have you changed into SNOTIE now?!?

AH-NAH: I guess you can start calling me Snotie, but really its up to you. It seems i go by both. I like going by Snotie just cuz i really feel like a pure Snot Rockette and AH-NAH kinda feels old, but i will ALWAYS be known as AH-NAH i think. As far as last words go im pretty speechless. i guess id like to say that i really apprieciate you doing this inteview with me and taking the time to ask me about my stupid accomplishments and effort to support the punk scene.


ANDY: So Fanx A Lot for this little interview. All the best for your BRIEFS Fan Club, RAT FACE RECORDS Label and of course, your new Punk Rock Band the SNOT ROCKETTS. Cheers!

AH-NAH/SNOTIE (maybe): Thank you andy and in your words....STAY FREE!!


Interview by ANDY FLEXIBEL